Blake Richards Top 10 End Game Mistakes

First of all, let me tell you what End Game is. All successful seductions have an End Game phase. This is where you have built up the attraction and comfort and you are alone with the woman. So it's at THIS stage that the results of the Seduction are playing out. This is where so many guys screw up. and it's often focused on the least in seduction because to tell you the truth, not many guys get there.

There off getting phone numbers - and that's IT. Believe me - the focus of this book, "GAME" is about how to get PAST that point and on to the Seduction.

Ok, now to the top 10 End Game mistakes that most guys make and what you can do to avoid these mistakes:

Seduce Her With Laughter

Seduce Her With Laughter

You will discover knowledge that most men will never know -and will never fully understand. It will show you why women simply cannot resist a man that can make them laugh in a deep and satisfying way. Plus, it will even arm you with the tools to deliver exactly that kind of satisfaction and pleasure to women...with laughter. This report is about to give your power back to you! So that you can be in control of the situation and attract women to you whenever and wherever you want.

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