Associated vs Dissociated

• Associated

You tend to see time as a series of events and related episodes

Can go back to a memory and relive it vividly

You tend to be less aware of how time passes when you're into something

You can easily get caught up in the now

You tend to make decisions quite quickly

You have a high drive to complete something in the short-run, but in the long-run, you can have trouble completing things

You are more related to a feeler rather than a detached thinker

You are more in touch with your feelings

• Dissociated

Tendency to see events as a series of related episodes

Time can be linear, long at times

Aware of the duration of time

You can tend to go through a long process when you make decisions

You are able to detach yourself from emotions and be objective

You have a tendency to be on time and impatient with anyone that is late

You're more likely to review a situation, rather than to relive it

More related to analytical, thinker rather than feeler

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