And amp up her Responsiveness

We've all been there. It's late in the evening and the sexual tension is amped up. You're sitting on the couch with a woman and just making out. You know that you need to get her sexual arousal level amped up and then you go for the bold move. She resists...

It's not that she's not into it... she may just not be READY! This just means you haven't gotten her buying temperature up high enough yet. You need to continue to SOFTEN HER UP and focus on getting her FEELING and more RECEPTIVE.

Or here's another situation. You want a woman to do something for you and she objects.

Well, here are a some objection destroyers that I've been using. Keep in mind that some of these use "Reward" and some use "Punishment" motivation. A good propulsion mechanism uses both together at the same time... So these can be used in combination with each other.

1) She asks "Why ?" objection destroyer

The Objection: I had an 18 year old amateur adult film actress (She was beautiful - long light brown hair - killer body) - She was moving away so I told her, "We need to get together and have some fun before you go." She said, "Why?" (as if saying what's the point?)

The Response:

So I said to her, "Actually, the better question is... WHY NOT?"

2) The Crowbar Mentalism objection destroyer

The Objection: I've had several women that have been firm about certain things like not coming over to my place on like the first or second times that we've met. And so I'll say, "Ok... that's fine, but why don't we do this... Guess a number between 1 and 10 and if I can tell you what this number is, THEN you have to come over OK... "

[Side comment:] Now what this does is take her from her "Solid" position and move her to the more flexible position of possibility of "Well if he gets the number right - which I doubt he will, THEN I'll go" - This is also known as the "Crowbar" method in sales and persuasion.

The Response: - I have her guess the number, get out my Palm pilot and open the program where you can draw on the screen.

- Then she thinks of a number and I act as if I am writing it with my palm stylus. you really don't write anything at all.

- If she objects just say, "It's ok... just tell me the number and I'll show what I wrote down."

- She tells me her number and I'm holding the stylus with my other hand and my palm pilot in the other, with the screen facing down.

- I have the NOTE program open on the Palm

Pilot and with my THUMB I write the number that she tells me - as she tells it to me so that it takes only a split second... you have to practice this to get it smooth.

- I then show her the number that I "Wrote down" and say, "Let's go" - always works!

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