A surefire method of getting a woman Intrigued

What if I were to tell you that I KNOW what women REALLY want. would you believe me?

The approach I use for this is to be INDIRECTLY DIRECT. Now what does that mean?

Well, many times I'm INDIRECT with what I say, but DIRECT with what I do. This is part of what creates "tension" and attraction with the people that I interact with. It's a dichotomy and seemingly incongruent - which is why it is like a splinter in the person's mind.

Many people have it the other way around. They are direct with what they say but indirect with what they do. In other words, they come across as "needy" (Just like everyone else) but having no guts to follow up on it. -Bad combination.

Of course the worst combination is the person who is indirect with what he says and indirect with what he does. That's my definition of a spineless "wuss".

Now how about being DIRECT in what you say and DIRECT in what you do? -Generally this isn't a good idea, it's kind of jolting but I've know guys that actually pull this off by knowing how to IMMEDIATELY turn it down and play Hot/Cold with a Woman.

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