A Mental Shift that will get you the Best Results with Women

Focus on what you CAN control

If you were you were to believe that success with women meant that you had to get laid by every single woman you met... then guess what... Your result may be hit or miss at best... and you'd be focused on failure and that would lead to more failure. What failure really is, is not being able to feel any pleasure no matter how good your results were. Don't set your criteria for success too high.

For example, think about the baseball player Sammy Sosa. He may not be able to control whether he can hit a home run every time. The ball may spin a certain way, hit a jet stream, or an outfielder may climb the wall and catch it. There are an infinite number of variables which he can't control. He can focus on the "process": putting a pure, sweet swing on the ball.

Thinking in terms of putting leverage on the ball and maintaining the power of the swing gives him more of an advantage. If he thinks in terms of "homers" he actually loses power and leverage by over swinging and lunging at bad pitches.

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