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This is Michael Webb's newest book on relationship. This man has some passion on love secrets and for this reason he has taken some time to share his own experiences with the rest of the world. This guy is well known for his other work Blow By Blow that teaches women how to do Blow Job. In most of his programs, he has shared some tricks on how to spice the relationship and marriages. The eBook wants to make sure that your partner is hot and turned on. With word phrases stated in this eBook, your partner will never miss any bullet. The tips and the shared information will also make sure that you and your partner are together and closely attracted no matter the situation. Michael Webb's program eases you into the craft so that you can take a pace that suits you and make things sweet with your lover. At the end of the program, you will be feeling more confident. With confidence, everything else will follow. Read more here...

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I am a little wary of women who jump right into sex talk. It all too often is a warning flag for trouble. But I also think it is often a test, which as we know is a good thing, because our responses to her tests bring her even closer to us. Call her on it by requesting further elaboration. She can either lay out the map or she can dig a deeper hole. Next, awaken her vagina. Use the deep spot, with a heavy application of dirty talk, to give her her first vaginal orgasm. On subsequent nights stimulate less of the deep spot and more of the wall of the vagina to bring her to orgasm, making her vagina even more responsive to stimulation. Next, use a commanding voice to train her to have multiple orgasms from vaginal stimulation. The next night get her close with your finger, then replace your finger with your cock, fire off the usual dirty talk anchors, and bang, she orgasms in intercourse. On subsequent nights, fuck her silly while firing off the same anchors, and she comes multiple times...

Appendix A Cayman Magic

Movements, etc.) and brief, inoffensive touches. In the game of seduction, women read between the lines (i.e., your attitudes and the underlying assumptions that you hold about yourself which create them) in order to get a sense of a man's dominant male status, and thus, his attractiveness. Inappropriately premature dirty talk is a clear low status signal to her. It screams Hey, get a load of me baby, I know all about how to have hot sex with a woman, even though I know I don't look like it A truly sexy, dominant male knows he projects plenty of sex appeal to women (with his attitude ) and therefore doesn't have to go around broadcasting it like a complete asshole.

GWM meets RSD

I even have an opener that uses this. I walk up to target and say something like OMG I love your top - what does the symbols mean and then I act like I suddenly notice a nearby girl and go totally ga-ga sexual state on her, like blanking out and just drooling over her. Target always tries to win my attention back, and it initiates the sexual undertones.

Quick Close

In fact there is NO such thing as a LINE. A line is just one sentence in a ROUTINE. Your ROUTINES should be loosely based outlines. NO WORD for WORD memorization. Remember the basic outline of the routine. Design routines that don't HIT on the girl. She's EXPECTING that from a guy. Just be fun and funny and confident and cool and when she notices you aren't hitting on her, she doesn't know whether you are just chatting for the fun of it or are hitting so she will test you by challenging this. Don't take the bait and start hitting on her. Give a NEG. Here's a good one after you have initiated conversation through a non sexual topic and she has bitten into the game of

Victim type

What to remember Don't go overboard with the corruption, she may get scared away. Keep it romantic and idealistic. Get her to fantasize and lead her imagination down the path of fantasy. Then give her opportunities to open up slowly to this sexuality. Make it corrupt as well at times, talking dirty to her during sex, experimenting with every kind of sexual kink that you know of or have experience with.

Seal Coating

It has been pointed out to me that the above sequence is loaded with sexual undertones and to a degree that is both true and intentional. Visualize the realities of linking your mind to someone else's and the sexual parallels are unavoidable. It is a union of incredible intimacy and intensity and in order for this effect to work you have to be able to perform this with immense conviction and confidence with a willing subject. For me, this is not a cheap throwaway effect. This is a strong piece of theatre and emotional drama that can have a profound effect on the subject and the watching audience. I will say this though this effect will not work for everybody, indeed as a performance gambit, you will need huge amounts of presence and personal charisma to pull it off but when it hits, and it will, it will amplify even a simple trick to the extent where the audience will think you are a supernatural being.


Now the way you use this is when you have elicited a sexual state, at just the moment where the tension builds, you suddenly change the topic and talk about The weather or some other superficial topic. After awhile, you bring up the sexual topic again and start to build the state and elicit it within them - and they go in even deeper this time - and at just the moment where the sexual tension feels so hot, you break the state and talk about something superficial like what you did that day. And you repeat and repeat.

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