Automatic Sexual Chemistry

Triggering Sexual Chemisty

So many men are living a very lonely life because almost every girl they have ever desired friendzoned them. It is a common misconception that you have to be nice to get a girl to like you and agree to take her to bed. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. If you still think like that, most girls will consider you boring and will instantly friendzone you. You will never get laid if you don't know how to act and talk around a girl you want to take to the bed. You need to know about 3 chemicals known as Love Chemicals. Once you trigger these chemicals in a girl's brain, that girl will instantly and always become horny around you. She will desire you always and want you to take her to bed right away despite having zero cents in your bank account. This eBook called Advanced Seduction Product: Triggering Sexual Chemistry will teach you exactly how to seduce any girl by triggering sexual chemistry insider of her brain without having money, fame or good looks. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

This book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

All the modules inside this book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

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And Getting Laid With The Women Of Your Dreams

Once, one of my super-scoring buddies invited me to go to a party with him. Not having much of a social life anyway, I accepted the invitation, and besides, this guy REALLY knew how to get laid. I sort of looked at myself as being one of those small sucker fish that attach themselves underneath a shark's mouth and live off the bits the shark spits out.

Getting Laid or Validation Which is More Important

You know, its a funny little world we live in. As someone who studies pick-up and seduction, I like to think back from time to time as to how I got into it and why. If you've read the first post I ever put up on the site, you'll see how I got into it, but that's not the same thing as why. Initially, the why could be explained very simply I wanted to get liad. Period. End of story. But the further I got into my studies, the more people I met, and the more gurus I've hung out with, the more I've begun to realize that this isn't really about getting laid at all. That's not to say getting laid isn't a part of it. But in all honesty, most of the guys I've met who make seduction their whole life have moved beyond that point -- where it's not just enough to get laid, but it has to be by a certain type of girl, who is a certain type of good looking, and others have to know about their success and look up to them because of it. In short, for many people out there, it ceases to be about getting...

The Taboos of Seduction

So the next stop of the night was down in Santa Monica, which had a kicking night scene. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that Main Street in Santa Monica is slowly taking over Sunset's role as the best place to club hop. Not only were there lots and lots of pretty young girls there, but the bars clubs were very cool, close together, and cover free (always a plus). The only drawback is that everything shuts down at a ridiculous time of 1 45 am. In a way this can be good, because it might make it easier to pull from the bars, but it means you also have to get there earlier, which sucks. But my experiences there with Roadking and Alleycat helped open my eyes to a few things and got me thinking about specifics of Pick-Up and Seduction. The only thing I can think of is the social mores that have been thrust upon us. That there have been rules, restrictions, and limits placed on our behavior. In short, we have created a system of social pressures that continually keeps us repressed,...

One Secret to having Seduction Confidence

I did something awhile back that changed my GAME dramatically and started giving me consistent results. It basically helped to BUILD up my Seduction Confidence . Notice that all of these questions presuppose your success with women. When you ask yourself questions like these, and really allow yourself to go inside and find all the answers to these questions notice how your focus shifts notice how you begin to see and feel all the things that work for you and say that as your state shifts, you will begin to notice that your focus has changed and now your brain is proving all the things that you have asked yourself to be true

Unfair Seductions In An Unfair World

Many people who read the rough draft of this book were upset by parts of it. Invariably, I'd hear the same complaint. These tactics you're teaching probably work really well. We thought the parts on power and confidence and on meeting women were great. But some of the actual seduction techniques are down right dishonest and unfair. They really don't give the woman any choice. Why don't you just leave them out of the book Then no one could possibly have any objections. Ok. Let's get the unfair charge out of the way. Yes, some, and I mean SOME of the seduction tactics in this book could easily be classified as unfair. And, truth to tell, I had some serious moral reservations about putting them in the book. However, unfair and fair are relative terms. If you and I are in a boxing match, and we are both fighting by the rules, then it is totally unfair for me to kick you in the nuts and poke you in the eyes. You are fighting by the rules, and so should I. Something else to consider When it...

The phases of a seduction

As we have said Seduction can be divided into phases. Once you have become an expert in seduction, you will also be able to perform variations on the theme, like a virtuoso. The phases of seduction are Anyway if you meet her in the course of several meetings you will often be in the situation that you have to start her seduction again from the beginning. Women's emotions follow the law of here and now and in most of the cases they do not have logical and temporal continuity. With a woman you cannot count too much on the attraction she had for you last time you met each other, because her emotions can be totally different the next time you meet her. In most cases you will need to start the seduction game any single time from the beginning. So this is about having her into bed between 1 - 3 encounters or ending the interaction. A seduction is a one way street. When you go into it you can get a lay. If you don't get a lay fast in the beginning of the interaction, you get a friend - or an...

Fidelity and seduction a new context Dont let women transform you into a beta

Of course, in general, in order to become completely independent of a man, she must repress her sexual instinct and her need for affection and warmth, and not many human beings can do this without the help of substitutes such as drugs, alcohol or becoming work-addicted. If you are a bad, tough guy or a successful man in science or industry field at the beginning of the seduction but she - by preparing your meal, making you feel guilty, by manipulating you, etc. - succeeds in transforming you in a schoolboy as time goes by, don't be surprised if her sexual interest for you goes below zero and she starts moving towards the jailbird who lives downstairs or the rock star from the concert you went to together. A man can never relax completely in a relationship with an adult woman with a strong sexual instinct. He must always keep his eyes open in order to prevent her from transforming him into a beta. Only in that way is the relationship kept alive. - Become an expert seducer so that...

Womans language and seduction

Of course, seduction is not only connected with genetics and the instinct to procreate. Seduction has much to do with psychology as well. Also a branch of psychology called NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) helps us to understand what happens in the field of seduction. NLP is a very broad psychological science one of its branches is the study of non-verbal communication and another branch is the study of mental frames. For example, the subservient mental frame is a concept of NLP. If you are having difficulties in seducing women almost probably this is because you talk to women using masculine language and women do not understand it. b. Logic does not have such a great importance for a woman than for a man. The woman can, of course, use logic do to things but the bridge to communicating with her in seduction is through her emotions. To become an expert seducer you need to learn to put logic aside and enter a new world where emotions - no matter how illogical - have a predominant...

Genetics seductions best friend

Our very strong sexual need assures the proliferation and the expansion of the human race by using a reward that is very difficult to refuse pleasure. The reproductive instinct influences in a completely different way the behavior of men and women, both in the phase of seduction and later in long-term relationships. Man's and woman's bodies prepare themselves in the phase of seduction for the procreation of a new human being to whom they transfer the genes of beauty, intelligence, height, nobility and so on. Practically speaking woman's behavior is still influenced by those primordial instincts from hundreds and millions of years ago. I will demonstrate this in this book. Knowledge of these instincts and how to use them with the positive intent of seducing women is an essential point if you want to become an artist in the field of seduction. Slowly I will have you noticing the fine particulars , thereby helping you to get laid as much as you want. Reading this book you will slowly...

The Top 10 PickUp Artists

Okay, so the debate has been raging for a while now over who is the best PUA (Pick-Up Artist) out there. Obviously, a lot of egos are involved in this statement, and everyone has their own opinions about who the best really is. In fact, its so subjective, that I don't really think there will ever be a clear and honest answer on the subject. Its like asking who the best warrior or soldier is in a war. But the fact of the matter remains, no one can ever ALWAYS be the best. They're always going to have their off days -- be a little bit slow, a little bit late, a little bit unprepared or caught off guard. But that doesn't stop some people from categorizing the people in our little community as The Best. So I've decided to throw my hat in the ring and rate the top 10 PUAs operating out there. Thundercat's Top 10 Pick-Up Artist 1. Style Style is definitely, hands down, bar none, the best operating in the game today. This guy is probably the most evil, sneaky, manipulative bastard I have...

Covert Hypnosis And The Structure Of Seduction

It DOESN'T matter why, because from now on you will be able to get past all of that by bypassing her CONSCIOUS mind and getting right to her UNCONSCIOUS. If this sounds like bull, please stick with me for just a few more pages, because what you are about to see is a MAGIC key for getting laid with startling frequency. We mentioned anchoring above, briefly, and here's another way to use it to get laid on the first date.

The nice guy syndrome

This is the nice guy syndrome Now, have a look at these so called nice guys who are on the streets of this postmodern society of ours. They are used to getting bedside coffee from their mom. They are used to having their women choosing for them the best colognes and clothes from department stores. To become an expert seducer put this in your head the more you buy a woman flowers, the more you try to please her, the more you are sweet to her, the more you kill her sexual instinct, no matter if are you trying to seduce her as a playboy, as a single man or whether are you married to her. For this reason if you want to be a seducer remember this if you want to have success with women be cocky, tough, don't be too sweet, don't ask for forgiveness and don't let them treat you badly or lack respect for you. Women will try to have you become sweet to them, but they will give themselves sexually to the first jerk coming close to them.

The Nice Guy Blues Explained

Ust friends Again Aaaarrghhh That's the most hated of all things to hear from any woman that you'd like to bang. When you finally get up the balls to show how you really feel about her she just wants to be your buddy. This seems to be the bane of many intelligent, but passive, men. In their eagerness to demonstrate how well they can connect with women and understand them, they end up solving the mystery that forms the basis of the dynamic sexual tension between men and women. As a result, The never-ending saga of the scorned nice guy is a pattern of perceived injustice that begins in high school and trails these losers all around everywhere they go. You yourself might even be in a situation where you've befriended one of these great looking girls (who refuse to see you as a man), and you actually spend your vacant hours sympathetically listening to her piss and moan about all the various low life dickbrains she gets involved with. Typically she ignores your good advice to forget about...

The Driving Force behind Seduction

Seduction - What is Sexual Tension Sexual Tension I realized that there were several things that I was doing to create Sexual Tension in women. First I focused on building the Sexual Anticipation. These 2 things together The PULL of the Sexual Anticipation and the PUSH of the Sexual Dissatisfaction are what make up the Sexual Tension that DRIVES the Seduction.

Seducing Women

LoodSport Are you telling me that trying to meet and seduce women really all that dire Isn't the grand game of wooing women supposed to be a light-hearted adventure taken on with playful humor and an air of restless good spirit Look, if you can suffer all the various kicks to the teeth that this maddening game of approaching and seducing women often creates -- and just let it all slide off your back like water from a duck -- then you might as well stop reading right now. This book isn't for you. You can probably make some headway with women here and there, now and again. Without Embarrassment is for the guy who is stopped dead in his tracks by the thought of having his advances rejected who stands helpless at the moment of opportunity when a beautiful, available girl is nearby with his feet rooted to the floor in anxiety his mouth paralyzed to utter a single word or his body produce a stray movement that might be judged ridiculous or somehow diminishing -- whose mind has gone...

Nice Guys on Parade

Here's 4 examples of what I mean by the type of nice guys that women will keep as a friend, but show absolutely no sexual interest in The Geisha Boy. Acts servile or submissive by always apologizing for his actions, especially those that might suggest he harbors any sexual desires or motives. One of the worst things that you can do around women is to act apologetic for your desires as a man. This completely emasculates you in the eyes of any woman. Women expect men who are interested in them (sexually) to show it in some way. Geisha Boy may as well be wearing a sign on his ass that says Kick Me . The Turning Worm. After doing so much terrific stuff for a woman while absolutely insisting that he wants nothing in return for his all his wonderful generosity, he suddenly gets all pissed off (usually by becoming pouty) when she finally gives him what he claims he wants and comes to take all his good deeds for granted and shows him no appreciation whatsoever. That's because Mr. Nice Guy is...

Real World Seduction

In the last few years several books have been written, audio courses made, and seminars given for increasing a man's success with women. Some of these books and audio courses have some great ideas, however, a lot of what they say is coming from the wrong frame (guys, we will talk about what frames are and their significance later on). This book is different in that you will not only have more success with women, you will learn how to be the PRIZE and make beautiful women chase you. Now being the PRIZE and making beautiful women chase you is deeper than just getting laid more (if your goal is just to get laid more, go to Tai Land and fuck a dozen hookers). However, if you have a desire to not only sleep with hot women, but also to master the skills for making beautiful women see you as a PRIZE they want to chase, then read on. 2003 Inc., Real World Seduction and Swinggcat are trademarks used by Inc., all rights reserved. It is impermissible...

Pick Up Artist

Pick-up artist Speed Seductionist I would like to give this wonderful art a name we can all enjoy and appreciate. I don't personally care to have the word Speed in it as its not all that 'romantic'. Any ideas Seducer is pretty good. Also, SS calls scripting patterns. Some say, Im going to make a 'play' on a girl - a football connotation. I've been calling it a HIT. If it didn't pan out, I call that a NOGO. Did it go no. Womanizer is appealing but in this day of equality, I do not wish to connect sexist with pick-up artistry. They aren't really connected but people will think that. What are the definitions to you guys A player to me is someone who fucks a new girl every day - Im not a player by that standard definition. I picture them as outwardly SEXUAL and very fast. They seek women who enjoy that game and know the rules. Like in Swingers A seducer chases innocent women like in Dangerous Liaisons A womanizer does it for the money (I could be wrong about my definitions, Im just...

Becoming the Prize

The first part of this book is going to impart you with some very powerful beliefs, attitudes, and frames for being the sort of man hot women pursue. I know some of you are going to feel tempted to skip over this section and go straight to the sections on PRIZABILITY and PRIZING.

A Mental Shift that will get you the Best Results with Women

If you were you were to believe that success with women meant that you had to get laid by every single woman you met then guess what Your result may be hit or miss at best and you'd be focused on failure and that would lead to more failure. What failure really is, is not being able to feel any pleasure no matter how good your results were. Don't set your criteria for success too high.

The One Thing that it would all come down to

Find the things you are good at, develop your interests, excel at what you choose as your interests, and live your life passionately. This is why women are attracted to men who are good at what they do and when a man excels in her presence. It has to do with demonstrating value to her

How to communicate with a woman in a way that will BLOW her MIND

Do you want to BLOW a woman's mind with the way that you communicate with her I don't care HOW good looking you are, if you can't communicate with her - then it'll be over, or she'll just tell you to shut up and get down to business if you're good looking enough and if she's horny Good looks may be how a woman decides to talk to you, but how you communicate with her is how you'll get LAID Early on as I was learning about various seduction systems I had a friend who I'd go hang out with and I'd watch him approach women and watch their responses.

Eliciting values the questions

Here's a sample list of questions to use to elicit her values and trance words. NYC, ASF What she wants What she likes What she thinks she needs What she thinks she deserves What she had in the past that she wants to repeat What she had in the past that she wants to avoid What scares her What makes her happy What makes her feel sexy Ask the right questions, don't try to push her towards some specific state (like excitement for example), it might mean nothing to her. ASF Realise that do you value excitement in your life is a useless question compared to what do you value

Attraction Not Necessary

To me, attraction is an intense need for validation. If a girl really needs your validation, she's attracted to you because she will do a number of things to get that validation. And that intense need for validation is created through the use of sexual tension, where you can invalidate the girl as a sexual object and make her strive to get that back. Neo-Rio said it best when he stated If you treat a woman with respect, she feels cheap because she feels pressure to do something to advance the relationship. If you treat her like an inanimate object in your reality, she feels special because you're making all the effort and she doesn't have to do squat.

The Importance of Time Distortion

What these patterns all have in common is, they distort a woman's sense of time, and make it seem like she's already fallen for you, and has, in fact, felt that way for some time already. You see, if someone is resisting you, rather than trying to break through that resistance, the better thing is simply to go after it, or before it. Time distortion is an incredibly powerful weapon in your get laid arsenal, and after you've pulled it off a few times, you'll look back on learning it as having been one of the best things that ever happened to you, realizing that reading this was the start of it. Wasn't it


Isn't it creepy how some people sit around and watch videos of their deceased loved ones For example, I knew this lady who named her golden retriever after the eighties pop star Boy George . But since it was a girl dog, she called it GirI George . Now the dog kept getting knocked up. Maybe it got laid a Iot because of its celebrity name, I don't know Anyways, my friend decided it was time to get her dog fixed. This was a bad move. George's hormones

My Thoughts on the NYT Article

First off, the title is HORRIBLE Just flat out lame. I know that journalists usually don't have control over the headlines, so my guess is that this was some lame attempt by the editors at the NYTs to burry the article and hope no one reads it. If they actually WANTED people to read the damn thing, they could have easily entiled it ''Secret Society Teaches Seduction'' or some other sexy title like that. My guess is the rocket scientists they got running things at the NYTs didn't take the article seriously, and might even be a bit embarassed they're printing it. Second, Mystery does NOT come off looking very good, in my opinion. And this probably touches on what pisses me off about the article the most, which is that the wole community comes off as looking lame. There's no mistaking the rather ''Politically Correct'' female slant on the whole article. Where guys who do this are all virgins or losers who need people to teach them how to talk to girls, and the gurus who teach them are...

Dating ReEnhanced gets a Facelift

Anyway, the Dating ReEnhanced website is looking really good, so check it out when you get a chance. I talked to Harmless recently and it seems like he's filled his first workshop, so I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes. Sarging in Austin is a blast Lots of hot girls down there in that little southern college town.

The Ethics of PUA Who Owns What

Tyler battle on mASF has brought up a big controversy that has been brewing in the more elite circles lately. This is basically the issue of ACCOUNTABILITY, or who is responsible for the creation of material. This wasn't such a big deal when everyone was just a bunch of horny losers looking to get laid who'd freely exchange ideas and theories on the topic. But once money came into the picture, it really changed the landscape of the PUA community. In the beginning, you had Ross and SS. That was pretty much it. Then David D came along, then Mystery with his workshops, then TD, then Swinggcat, now Harmless the list goes on. And because these are all guys who got their feet wet in the community and developed their own stuff based on the feedback and tactics of others, they are looked at very differently than an outsider who publishes a book or audio course on seduction or dating. Indeed, the paranoia has set in pretty deeply, with fingers pointing and accusations...

The Principle that hopelessly draws her to you

Have you ever seen a chick that would go for BAD boy jerks one after the other and then get tired of it and gor for a teddy bear NICE GUY, and when she tired of that she'd go for the BAD boy jerks again. We'll she's one that needs CONTRAST. So how does this apply to Seduction Give her the best of BOTH never be predictable this HOT COLD technique can create an underlying TENSION that will keep her HOOKED

How To Treat Women When A Sarge Goes

Basically, offering challenges comes down to being difficult with a girl the same way a hot girl would be difficult with a guy who's chasing her. Little things like not doing what she wants, teasing her, cracking jokes about her, takeaways, intentional undermining, and not taking her shit go a long way to creating this challenge. You can even get more advanced and create those tension loops Swinggcat talked about in his last newsletter, which are excellent ways of creating challenges.

Dear Lord What Have I Done

So the next couple months we are sort-of seeing each other. But it gets to the point where I can't fucking stand this girl. See, the thing about Ellyn is that she is the quintessential DRAMA QUEEN She needs drama in her life, and if it isn't there, she will create it. Not only that, but the girl was so emotionally fucked up, that she needed guys to get angry with her to get sexually aroused (conditioning, anyone ). However, I was a nice guy who didn't really give a shit about her, so I never fell for her tricks to bait me into anger, though I probably could have had a lot more sex if I had.

My Dinner With The One

Okay, so one of the perks of living in Los Angeles is that I get to hang out with some of the best of the best of the best that the seduction community has to offer. Los Angeles seems to be the Mecca for Pick-Up Artists, probably because of the constant influx of fresh-off-the-bus poon, mixed with the hippest night scene in the U.S. (shut up New York), and a healthy dose of celebrity elitism, and you got yourself a virtual PUA playground. As far as Game goes, TheOne is far from the best there is, but he's a pretty solid dude who does get laid (though looking like Sylvester Stallone from Cobra doesn't hurt, I'm sure). So I like the guy enough to agree to have dinner with him when he calls me up a few days ago. The thought struck me how funny it is that at the end of the day, we're all just a bunch of regular guys. On the internet, it's so easy to attain celebrity or guru status just as long as you post prolifically and are able to spell above a kindergarten level. In fact, there are a...

Blake Richards Orgasm Technique

First of all, a few words to the conservative ones out there. Sex is NATURAL. It's how we GOT here and the Energy from sexual drives have been redirected and sublimated and have shaped our modern day society. Now of course I'm not openly advocating casual sex Sex in a committed relationship can be a beautiful thing And of course, be responsible and safe

The Social Circle of Life

How to Create the Best Possible Environment for Getting Laid An Essay by Tundercat The thing is, what I do is cold approaches. Cold Approaches are basically approaches where you approach a woman you do not know in the hopes of attracting her so you can lay her. Without a doubt, this is probably the hardest form of Pick-Up there is. Why Well, for one thing, the Fear Factor on cold approaches is the highest. They don't know you, you don't know them, and the risk of getting rejected is high. This is one of the reasons many people cannot do cold approaches. It is just much too scary. As strange as it sounds, it is true. Though the average Pick-Up Artist (PUA) is not looking to make friends with the girls he approaches, odds are if they like you enough to fuck you, you will become friends. And even if they don't want to fuck you, the least they are willing to become is a friend because they enjoy your company enough. Most people get laid from their social circles. But of all the guys I...

An Interview with Swinggcat Part II

Seduction Theory For Women

His development, his theories on seduction and attraction, and what he's planning for the future. Swinggcat How that happened is, um, during the time that I was using the handwriting analysis, I did have some pretty amazing success using this hypnotic seduction. And I did start to do things that I couldn't do before. I think a lot of us kind-of get into this stuff not just because we want to get laid more, but we want a sense of control over certain social interactions with women, and as I started using the SS, even though it wasn't the most effective stuff in the world, it started giving me control over these interactions. Instead of haphazardly, kind-of helter-skelter going about it, I was kind-of able to direct where it was going. away from SS, where you got into kind-of your own model of seduction, really. Swinggcat So this is an interesting thing, um during. oh, let's see. in terms of timeframe I think this was 2001, that's when I first started hanging out with Ross. And I also...

Cocky Funny and Good Looking Guys

For those of you who might not know, cocky funny is the primary theory behind David DeAngelo's Double Your Dating material. His theory is that by projecting a cocky attitude while being funny, you can up your success with attracting women. I know Mystery likes to say he disagrees with this in a slight way, because he thinks it should be more cocky playful than cocky funny. However, I tend to disagree with both. I believe that ALL COCKY can be much more powerful. Why is that Well, to me, being cocky does so many things initially that will help you in your seduction. The first thing is that cockiness is a way of prizing yourself. You put other people in a position where they are inferior to you when you are being cocky, which naturally leads to them qualifying themselves. Cockiness also sets a powerful frame, which is always the most important thing in a sarge. When you control the frame, its your reality that the girl is sucked into, and she becomes beholdant to it. Thirdly, you are...

Deconstructing Swinggcat

PRIZING women is important because when you do things to make women chase you they will begin to An Open Loop is an unfinished thought or story. So, within the context of ATTRACTING women, some examples of open loops are I am a guy who has been doing this stuff since I was a teenager. And in the last four years I have gotten really serious about mastering the psychological mechanisms that trigger attraction in women. I am not some guy who used to be good with women who now only talks and writes about how to attract women from behind a computer screen. Instead, I am regularly out interacting with women, which allows me to experiment, hone, and further develop my attracting women skills. What I teach is not just bunch of feel-good theory, but applicable stuff that can be used in the real world. My material really is the Mu-Tai kickboxing of dating guides. I really believe that this is the most cutting edge stuff out there. So, if you are ready to start the new year with a new take on...

Swinggcats new student Tyler Durden

Nice post. how to get girls to chase you is explained in greater depth in the realworldseduction ebook by swinggcat. it kicks ass and i recommend it to anyone interested in getting a girl to chase you. its right up there with deangelo's shit. I have to agree with dvs on this one. I think tentative interest is very much an important part of a seduction. I used to be in the TD camp with the whole active disinterest thing, but seeing Swinggcat in action and reading his book, I've found using tentative interest is much more effective, because it allows you to take that interest away as a form of Push-Pull.

An Interview with Swinggcat Part III

In November of 2003, Swinggcat surprised the seduction community with the release of his book Real World Seduction. Famous in the Seduction community, respected by some of the best pick-up artists world wide, but relatively unknown to the general populous, Swinggcat quickly joined the ranks of gurus such as David DeAngelo with the amazing debut of his eBook which took a new look at the way Seduction and Attraction can be accomplished. But even with the massive popularity of his book, he's been elusive. Drawing away from posting on mASF, Cliff's List, and even Mystery's Lounge, Swinggcat has become an enigmatic figure in the seduction community, preferring to let his work speak for itself. Now, in this exclusive interview, Swinggcat breaks his silence and talks about his background, his development, his theories on seduction and attraction, and what he's planning for the future. Swinggcat So, this is an interesting story, let me back up a bit. Before I moved back down to LA, I was...

My Secret Identity The Dichotomy of a PUA

With how these heroes would cope with their secret identities and who, in fact, they really were. I find it a very similar parallel to where I currently am in my life and my development as a Pick-Up Artist. I know a lot of guys like Papa and Swinggcat are very open with their families about what they do, but I just don't feel comfortable telling my mom that I've devoted a great deal of my life to learning how to get laid by any girl I want, including 3-somes and strippers and any other variety of girl. She'd have a fit. This is the same woman who forbade me to date until I was 16. Can you imagine letting it slip that I've frolicked through Vegas with a group of strippers trying to score some drugs so we could party down in my hotel room Yikes.

FR Back in the Saddle Again A Stuff Afterparty Report

So I go to use the bathroom and try to psych myself up for approaching women. It's a little Some may think it's weird to talk to men when you're going out to pick up women, but it's actually a very good way of getting warmed up. Part of picking up women is being social, being fun, having something to say, etc. Simply talking to lots of other people will help get you in the mindset of being social and outgoing. Talking to other guys is good because there's no sexual tension, it's just good conversation and it helps you to loosen up. Not only that, you can meet some really cool guys and befriend them. I did this last time I was in Vegas where it turns out the guy I was talking to owned the Spearment Rhino strip club there. I didn't know this until the end of our conversation where he told me and gave me his card, saying When you come back to town, give me a call. I'll hook you up at my club. So you never know what's going to happen when you talk to the guys. ) Next up was a pretty sexy...

How to meet women

On other end of the spectrum there are guys who do not yet have the ability to approach a complete female stranger and have her laughing within a few minutes (don't worry if you fall into this second category--I know l used to). The funny thing is that many of the guys who fall into this category are rich, young, and handsome. For some of these guys the idea of approach a complete female stranger is scarier than swimming in tank full of sharks. For others, they are able to approach women, yet always seem to reap a negative response from them. One thing that is obvious is that looks, money, and success do not solely determine how a woman is going to react to a man when he approaches her. I think that the majority of what it comes down to is skilI. This skill is so damn important because women will judge and test how PRIZABLE you are by how you go about meeting them. Thus, knowing how to approach women is a huge part of PRIZABILITY. When l talk about meeting women I am talking about...

Attributes of men who are the PRIZE

When l was younger l was always under the impression that women assessed a man's worth by the value of the things he possessed his looks, his clothes, his car, his house, etc. But then in college l came into contact with a man who had none of these things he was old, ugly, bald, poor, and neither owned a car nor a house. However, hot women were always befriending him, flirting with him, calling him, and sleeping with him. This was not just something he told me. I saw with my own eyes hot women dashing up to him and embracing him with giant bear hugs, Iustfully admiring him, and then begging him to go on a date with them. Often times, he would slowly look them directly in the eyes and calmly utter, No . Then they would try to persuade him why he should go out with them. Once again, he would slowly look into their eyes, cock one eyebrow, and calmly utter, No . This really frustrated women, but was fascinating to watch. At first l did not understand what was going on. I even contemplated...

Pushing Pulling the art of sending mixed signals

The third guy approaches her and says, You seem like fun maybe we will hang but only if you have hot girlfriends to introduce me to . In this chapter we are going to discuss exactly how to do this. So, first off, where did l get the words Pushing & Pulling The first time l saw them was while reading Robert Green's excellent book, The Art of Seduction. But when l talk about Pushing & Pulling, I mean something slightly different than him. Isn't it creepy how some people sit around and watch videos of their deceased loved ones For example, I knew this lady who named her golden retriever after the eighties pop star Boy George . But since it was a girl dog, she called it Girl George . Now the dog kept getting knocked up. Maybe it got laid a lot because of its celebrity name, I don't know Anyways, my friend decided it was time to get her dog fixed. This was a bad move. George's hormones Have you ever known someone who had a really hot girl act bitchy to him or not give him the time of day I...

The Power of Frames How Do You Tell If A Girl Likes

Some of the best guys I've seen pick-up women Swinggcat, Style, Zan, Craig, Tyler, etc -- they all set the frame where the girl wants them. They set the frame where THEY decide if the girl is good enough. Its a funny little mind game, but one that is incredible to behold. I've discussed the subject of Frames many times with Swinggcat as well. Obviously, Frames is not a new thing in the seduction arena, but the way Swingg lays them out in his book in terms of Frames and MetaFrames is a real eye opener, because it gives you a sense of just how powerful they can be.

Main Key to this Game

In November of 2003, Swinggcat surprised the seduction community with the release of his book Real World Seduction. Famous in the Speed Seduction community, respected by some of the best pick-up artists world wide, but relatively unknown to the general populous, Swinggcat quickly joined the ranks of gurus such as David DeAngelo with the amazing debut of his eBook, Real World Seduction, which took a new look at the way Seduction and Attraction can be accomplished. But even with the massive popularity of his book, he's been elusive. Drawing away from posting on mASF, the Speed Seduction List, Cliff's List, and even Mystery's Lounge, Swinggcat has become an enigmatic figure in the seduction community, preferring to let his work speak for itself. Now, in this exclusive interview, Swinggcat breaks his silence and talks about his background, his development, his theories on seduction and attraction, and what he's planning for the future. Thundercat (Laughter) Only if I can call you Swingg....

Feminator breaks the Girl Code

Seduction (acting a certain way to get people to like you) is primarily a FEMALE thing that women do to MEN who have power. I think a lot of guys make the mistake of approaching a woman as though she is the prize to be won over. When you do this, you are effectively giving away any power you have in that interaction, because she has the power to either approve or invalidate you as a potential sex partner. But when you approach a woman really NOT CARING about the outcome, a funny thing happens -- in a very subtle way, you put the woman on the defensive, making her have to PROVE herself to you and get your validation because your attitude is such that you STEAL any power of approval from her.

Ross Jeffries Bans Top Student

Well, the big news today comes from the Speed Seduction world, where it seems Ross's paranoid streak continues. Apparently Ross has Kicked and Banned one of his top students --In10se -- from the SS e-mail list and all SS related events. I talked to In10se on the phone last night, and he sounded pretty down about the whole ordeal. Luckily, I was able to console him due to my own experience with bearing Ross's wrath, as evidenced here. But such is the danger when you start to think for yourself in the cult of Speed Seduction. For those of you who may not know who In10se is, he's one of the stars of the Speed Seduction world. Back in the day when Ross and Mystery were in a pissing contest on Cliff's List, In10se, along with Swinggcat, were the two student's Ross was willing to put up against Mystery to prove who had the better system of seduction. I personally have always enjoyed In10se's posts, I found them very similar to the kind of deep insight Juggler used to post. In10se's stuff...

Swinggcat Interview Part V

In November of 2003, Swinggcat surprised the seduction community with the release of his book Real World Seduction. Famous in the Seduction community, respected by some of the best pick-up artists world wide, but relatively unknown to the general populous, Swinggcat quickly joined the ranks of gurus such as David DeAngelo with the amazing debut of his eBook which took a new look at the way Seduction and Attraction can be accomplished. But even with the massive popularity of his book, he's been elusive. Drawing away from posting on mASF, Cliff's List, and even Mystery's Lounge, Swinggcat has become an enigmatic figure in the seduction community, preferring to let his work speak for itself. Now, in this exclusive interview, Swinggcat breaks his silence and talks about his background, his development, his theories on seduction and attraction, and what he's planning for the future. Swinggcat I think at the end of the day, it comes down to validation. Most guys are picking up girls not for...

The Subtle Art of Manipulation

Simply put, I consider this guy to be the master at manipulation. Better than anyone who's in the community. He is really awe inspiring because of the fact that he is so good at manipulating others, you don't even know he's doing it If I had a fraction of the skill this guy has, I'd be getting laid every night of the week.

The Psychology of Dating Porn Stars

I mean, I'm a decent guy and I want to treat them well, but they don't want that, he said. They want a guy to treat them like shit. Take an unnamed superstar , for example. She lives with a guy who has a list of people that she's allowed to hang out with - almost none of them are guys - and he constantly tells her what a fuckin' whore she is, how useless she is, etc. So here I am trying to be the nice guy, and they don't want any of it.

An Interview with Swinggcat Part IV

In November of 2003, Swinggcat surprised the seduction community with the release of his book Real World Seduction. Famous in the Seduction community, respected by some of the best pick-up artists world wide, but relatively unknown to the general populous, Swinggcat quickly joined the ranks of gurus such as David DeAngelo with the amazing debut of his eBook which took a new look at the way Seduction and Attraction can be accomplished. But even with the massive popularity of his book, he's been elusive. Drawing away from posting on mASF, the Speed Seduction List, Cliff's List, and even Mystery's Lounge, Swinggcat has become an enigmatic figure in the seduction community, preferring to let his work speak for itself. Now, in this exclusive interview, Swinggcat breaks his silence and talks about his background, his development, his theories on seduction and attraction, and what he's planning for the future. Swinggcat And you know, this seduction stuff is great. You're not spending a lot...

It feels to Feel Perfect Keep holding her wrist as shes experiencing this

As powerful as the preceding Speed Seduction Patterns are, occasionally you're going to run into some trouble. This chapter is dedicated to patterns designed to powerfully resolve the special challenges you might sometimes face. Here for example, is a pattern I used to finally nail Melanie, a girl I'd known for some time. Now, the problem with Melanie was NOT that she was sexually excited by the stuff I was doing. It's just that I did the sexual stuff before the connection stuff, so I had to back up, drop the sexual stuff, and create the connection. In the beginning of your Speed Seduction efforts, some girls might catch on to what you are doing. These patterns should be used if that should occur. The first one is really just a confusion pattern, and works by making what you're saying so hard to follow that she gets amnesia for her objection If you'll commit yourself to having fun while you experiment, then there's no limit to how far you can go. If you've bought this book as part of...

Introduction to Frames Meta Frames

Put in other words, this is how he is allowing the underlying meanings of his behaviours and actions to be defined. Unfortunately, the frames he has set both imply and fit inside her meta-frame that she is the PRIZE, that he is trying to win her over, and etc. This meta-frame is unlikely to lead to this guy getting laid.

Initial Fear of the Approach

Someone on the DC list asked a pretty good question about approaching and fear of the approach. They talked about how hard it was to approach women initially in SS. I think this is a pretty valid point, because the first stage in anyone's development as a seducer or pick-up artists is to learn how to approach girls.

The Ultimate Secret to Getting Good With Women

The thing is, I've come to discover that when you become too involved in that sort of thing, you tend to stagnate your progress as a seducer and pick-up artist. But why is that If you're constantly getting updated on the latest tricks, tips, and gizmos, how can your game stagnate Simple. The answer is that 90 of seduction stems from who you are, not what you say. I have not always been into inner game. Like many others, I've tended to overlook this aspect of pick-up and seduction (which is odd considering I spent 4 years working on my inner game before I got out into the field hard core). I too wanted the new patterns, new openers, new NEGs, and all the other bells and whistles we use in seduction. But the more I learn and the better I get, the more I start to realize how little this stuff matters, and how important inner game is. But the process of refining your Inner Game can be a long, arduous, and even scary task. When I first started my work on Inner Game back in 1998, I was 300...

Look Out Lay Guide Here Comes the Wife Beating Guide

Now, I'm not for beating women, and nothing disgusts me more than guys who do that shit. I am concerned about how this guy who did nothing but WRITE A BOOK get's jail time, though. That's like locking up a guy for robbery who writes a book about knocking over Fort Knox, or convicting a guy for rape who writes a book about how to seduce women. After all, the guy didn't really beat any women himself (at least, that's not what the charge was). I could see maybe banning the book, but giving the guy jail time That's a bit harsh. It is nice to see the women in the Muslim world getting some help though. With dooshbags like this guy teaching religious fanatacs that it's okay to physically harm them, they need SOME way to send a message. Though I'd rather they dealt with the subject material rather than the author.

The Real David DeAngelo

Sexual Tension or Chemistry can be sparked, amplified, and dialed up so high that it's almost unreal within just a few minutes sometimes even less. And it can happen with the hottest of the hot girls as long as you're open to it, and you know what to do in order to create it. A key to this equation is total PRESENCE and total COMPOSURE. You must mentally become the gay-marriage child of Obi-Wan and James Bond. Remember how COMPOSED those dudes were at all times Add an understanding of Sexual Tension, and a few ball-busting comments, and you've got all the makin's for a party. That's the way.

Zen and the Art of Opening

Here is an article I wrote a few months back for Cliff's List on approaching women. Its not my best work to date, but it should get you started off in the right direction as far as upping your game to the next level. Obviously, if you can already approach worth a damn, you might very well get nothing from this post, so go back to looking at your An Essay on Approaching Women, by Thundercat When you approach a woman and say Hey baby, lookin' good tonight, you are telegraphing interest in an aggressive manor. By the same token, when you sheepishly approach and say Hello. May I please buy you a drink you are not only telegraphing interest, but also doing so in a very wimpy way. So when you approach a woman with active disinterest, and you use a neutral opinion opener, you are increasing your chances of engaging the woman, and minimized that probability she will reject you.

Look Out Don Juan Here Comes Mystery

For those of you who don't know who Mystery is, he's a Pick-Up artist from Canada who's been around since the early days of ASF. Most of the techniques on have been pioneered by him, and he's developed a LOT of Pick-Up theory as well as utilizing group dynamics in his pick-ups. To my knowledge, he is also the first ever Pick-Up Artist to do live, infield workshops designed to train other men to approach women in bars and clubs. I met Mystery last year at one of his workshops in LA, where his co-instructor Style (the most powerful of the Jedi) broke me of my fear of approaching. I've gotten to know Mystery a little bit since then and consider him to be one of the real deals of the seduction community. Recently, Mystery has teamed up with Tyler Durden and Papa to streamline his seduction training business. With the advent of Project Hollywood (a lifestyle experiment that has Mystery, Style, Papa, and Herbal living in a large house of the Sunset Strip), Mystery is...

To Grandmothers House We Go

I talked to Papa briefly over the holliday and he told me that the Seattle Real Social Dynamics workshop was a success. Apparently, all the instructors got laid, which is always nice to hear (though its nicer to hear the STUDENTS got laid, but I digress ). He invited me to help teach the final Mystery Method Workshop in LA, which should be a huge party, but the dummy's scheduled it for this weekend, and I'm gonna be entertaining the grandparents, so I'm unable to attend. Hopefully, the last MM workshop will go out with a blast. I'm sorry I have to miss this one because I love to see Style work his shit in the field, it really is a learning experience for me when that happens, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Hopefully, the New Year will be a lot of fun with the launch of Project Hollywood and getting a few new faces in the LA scene (ie Herbal, who seems to have great potential as a PUA). starting up and my seduction study. Who knows Maybe if I get good enough at this I'll teach a...

Kinesthetics aka kino have kino with your female friendsacquaintances

And in some instances, being the nice guy together with using kino can even be quite effective. Here's why the success of kino depends on whether the girl perceives you and your touch as a threat to her or not. You can be a rough and tough guy (I try to avoid the word jerk as it is not really quite reprsesentative of what the opposite of nice guy actually is) and still have the girl feel you are not a threat to her speficically, thus initiating kino will be easy. A nice guy usually just has an easier time having girls feel he is not a threat to them. Usually though, that is also his undoing, as he is consequently perceived as weak, neutral and non-sexual, all of which are major turnoffs for girls. But here is where the saving grace of kino steps in. You are safe, so touching and hugging with you is well, also safe. However, before she knows it - touching and hugging with you moves from feeling pretty good to quite exciting to really electrifying...

Twenty Six on Phone Game

You go down to fred myer or wal mart (department store) the next week or so, someplace where you can set up near valentines day wares, gifts, candies etc. Approach women near there so the merchandise will remind them of their lonely state. They arent in an LTR they will be in a HURRY to get in one. Regardless of a few rules girls etc, most women know the way to start an LTR off the right way and get a gift or a bubble bath or whatever the fuck by next week is to BANG YOUR COCK OFF ASAP.

Amplify those states and link them to you

You see, the average Speed Seducer will just blindly memorize the words of a seduction pattern, without understanding what he's doing. And, in many cases this will work. He'll still beat out his untrained competition 9 times out of 10. Rules and Attitudes Of Jeffries Speed Seduction 3. The purpose of your communication is not to give her and understanding the purpose is to get you a result Speed Seduction works by manipulating and directing unconscious processes, NOT by getting her conscious agreement. Leave arguing and explaining to your competitors. 4. Speed Seducing is fun If you aren't being directed by a playful attitude, then you aren't doing Speed Seduction. 5. In the spaces below, list some of the states you'd like a very hot woman to experience with you 6. Nice guys usually only get women to experience states of 7. Speed Seduction works by If you can answer YES to the following questions, then you can qualify to be a great Speed Seducer. Obviously you have an interest in...

Reframing chick tests chick frames

Suppose that a guy is out on a date with a really hot woman. At some point during the date the woman says to the guy, Would you please not be so touchy with me. And don't think by acting that way that you are going to get any from me tonight . Suppose the guy reacts to her by saying, Oh l am sorry if l stop touching you will you have sex with me tonight Guys, I know this example almost seems unrealistic, but l have actually witnessed my own friends acting this way around girls.

Show a willingness to walk away

One of the primary differences between jerks and nice guys is what they focus on. The jerk is first and foremost focused on how he is being treated and each move he makes is put through the test will this increase or decrease the priority she gives me . If the answer is decrease THE JERK DOESN'T DO IT Nice guys (chronic masturbators) by way of contrast, focus on the characteristics they like in the girl. They ignore or overlook rude behaviour from her. They act to show their appreciation and interest in her rather than to get respect which is why, like Rodney Dangerfield THEY DON'T GET ANY

Mystery on Jealousy and Phone Game

So I got her number and then went home with my ex. and did I fuck her of course she loved (or hated) the fact that hot women want me and I have choice. she even knew I had the girls in my pocket. strange but true. After sex, she was in the shower when I called the other girl. its a fucked situation because I am

Friends Into Lovers Pattern

Note This pattern can be used on a woman who has been a long time friend but shown no sexual interest, or on a woman with whom you had a few dates way back when but never got anywhere. It works best in a casual setting like over coffee. Notice how this pattern utilizes a have you ever to set up the use of quotes. It also utilizes anchoring. After general fluff talk proceed as follows

Papa was a Rolling Stone

Let me ask you guys this if you were contacted by a reporter from Rolling Stone Magazine who wanted to interview you for an article on seduction, what would you do I'm not sure what I'd do, because I tend not to trust reporters. But at the same time, its a bit exciting to think that you're important enough to be written about, particuarly in the same publication which launched some of the biggest carreers in the music business. Such is the power of pop-culture, I suppose. Its situations like this that make me think about why I started the blog in the first place. I don't really care to get famous or reknown for it. I'm not interested in being an ASF guru. In all honestly, there are many many guys out there who are better with women and get laid with more regularity than I do. And I know for a fact that you'll be hearing about these guys in the mainstream media fairly soon. So I keep needing to ask myself what I'm going to do when this opportunity is presented to me. I mean, its cool...

Where to find girls

For me, the FIND is probably the toughest part of the game right now. I understand why Mystery does strip clubs, he's looking for the hottest women available. Anyway, my first thought is Wow, he must go to a really sucky school if he can't find any good looking girls there Colleges especially usually have a lot of good looking chicks, and if he's not finding them, he's hanging out in the wrong places. I can remember having the same problem when I was in college, complaining about how there were no hot girls around. The thing is, they're there. You just have to find them. So where do the hot girls go The same place the fun guys go. I didn't start to meet REALLY hot girls in college until I made friends with Frat Boys and musicians. The Frat Boys would invite me to their parties where they had tons of the hottest girls on campus getting drunk and having fun. I became friends with a few local bands and began to meet their groupies (all bands, no matter how shitty, seem to have groupies).

Where to meet girls

This is a more relaxed atmosphere for seducing women because you are not under time constraints. If you can't get her hotter than hot for you today, you can talk to her again tomorrow. You'll have much better opportunities to get to know her. In addition, if you work or study closely together for an extended period of time chances are that you will become attracted to each other anyway. A few more US-specific places and times to meet women. Speed Seduction newsletter, Ross Jeffries Restaurants with attached bars These places are often great Tuesday to Thursday nights, around 6 -8 30 PM. Especially upscale places, they cater to a professional crowd. Some VERY nice looking women looking to unwind after work. Also often these places serve as a meeting ground for women having bacheleorette parties. Self-improvement seminars Such seminars are LOADED to the gunwales with good-looking, SUGGESTIBLE women who are totally open to the type of themes discussed in any...

Rules of an Affair

The fact of the matter is, most affairs come from a lack of sexual tension in a marriage -- at least on the woman's part. If a woman wants to keep her husband from having an affair, it's pretty simple -- lots of sex, good cooking, clean house, and don't bitch too much. For a guy to keep a woman from cheating, it's much, much more complicated, because women need to feel passion. They need to feel attraction. They need that sexual tension between a man and a woman. That's why I think the passage above is so telling. This Steven guy created a lot of sexual tension with this woman, and despite all the reasons NOT to do it, she couldn't wait to fuck him. And the same is true of every girl in a relationship -- if a guy knows how to create that sexual tension, that unbridled passion, any girl (and I mean ANY girl) will find a way to fuck him. Us Pick-Up Artists in the community know this is a reality, which is why some balk at the notion of long term committed relationships and marriage,...

Become a Regular

An incredibly talented Pick-Up Artist who goes by the name Bro Ninja PooAh wrote up a reply to a guy talking about AMOGS and getting in fights on the SDPLAY list. I thought he had some really interesting advice on how to deal with things like that. I'm reposting this here with his permission. Listen If you're a regular at a club and your not friends with the bouncers, that's mistake number 1. Whether people pick on you or not, knowing the bouncers will get you past the line, enable you to get girls in who are waiting outside, and give you massive social proof. Plus, they will watch your back.


The Blake Richards Propulsion System of Seduction Seduction - What is Sexual Tension Sexual Tension 1) In the center box, we see where a woman is presently. This is her current situational context. She may be ready to hook up, she may need to be motivated, she may not be in the mood yet This is also the context of the environment. Where is she right now Is this an atmosphere that's conducive to seduction 3) In the last box, we see what is possible. These are the Results - the drives that PULL her from her present context into Seduction. The motivation here is primarily created through VERBAL VISUAL MENTAL stimulation. As she is stimulated, the anticipation BUILDS and amps up her buying temperature. Some of the Verbal Mental Visual techniques that create this anticipation include 4) Both Sexual Dissatisfaction and Sexual Anticipation create the Sexual Tension that propels to the Seduction. This is both Pushing and Pulling at the same time through both Physical and Verbal Mental Visual...

Appology to Tyler

-I get laid as much as anyone right now, if not more - maybe the most in the entire scene in the past 2 months. So I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong, so here it is I was wrong. I'm sure Tyler is quite correct in his representation of himself, and I appologize for saying what I did. In many ways I'm still learning the dangers of putting all my thoughts on such a public forum. I already learned the negative effects it can garner since I got Kicked and Banned from all of Speed Seduction after speaking out about the sorry state of it's e-mail list. This blunder was especially rough because Tyler is a friend, and I didn't mean to hurt the guy's feelings. In the future I'll have to remember to keep my writings about what I know as opposed to what I hear.

Dandy Lion

Just a quick thought I had after I wrote my post on taboos. I got to thinking about how some of the other seducers and PUAs out there use taboos to pick up women, and I got to thinking about Tyler Durden. For those of you who don't know, I'm not talking about the Fight Club guy, I'm talking about our favorite little Canadian PUA who's out there teaching workshops to the masses looking to get laid. And it apparently works. Tyler does in fact get laid, and he is very good at picking up women. But it's all in a club atmosphere, which often helps people to give into their desire to shirk taboos. I'm thinking that once those girls get back to their real lives, however - lives where they are judged by their peers, where they have jobs, etc. That the taboos become reinforced and this causes the girls to lose any attraction they may have had for someone like Tyler.

Bad Logistics

One guy I used to know would go out and say, I'm going to get laid tonight And then we'd get to the club and he'd go home to his parents The point is, if you WANT success, you have to be READY for it. Now, when I want to get laid, I have a framework of how I want it to happen.

Womans CODE

There are Sub-communications being communicated on many different levels. Sure Value is one of those levels and of course it is very important to seduction. This means that we all have it hard-wired in us to know naturally what to do to get laid It's just a matter of being able to adjust to today's contexts and situations. Those who don't get selected out. (i.e. they don't get laid)

Victim type

How to seduce her Give her just a part of what she wants, like a touch of Romance - and mystery. Let her imagine the rest. In this type of woman, for seduction purposes, less is more. Her inner world of fantasy is far richer than what you could create with your words. Talk with her about her ideas of the ideal man, the ideal romance, the ideal relationship. Open up this world within her, show a few romantic gestures and then make yourself scarce - yet balancing and at the same time acting out that scarceness with romantic gestures that show you're thinking about her. family where dad was verbally or physically abusive and this has set up her patterns for what she is comfortable with and what she has known all her life. They despise Nice guys and see them as wussies. They confuse meanness with confidence and arrogance with assertiveness. They love to complain to their girlfriends about how badly you mistreat her.

Fuck Challenges

Anyway, I hold fast to my point -- fuck challenges. Now, its true, it may sound like a bitter decry from someone who likes to whine and complain about the difficulty of getting laid. But allow me to clarify. I do not like chellenges when it comes to getting NECESSITIES of life. Challenges getting food, shelter, and water are not fun, nor are they conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Same thing with sex. I look at sex much like other vital functions such as breathing, urinating, and taking a shit. It is a necessary human action. Men need to ejaculate. It is a NECESSITY to do so. Failure to do so can lead to disease and other medical problems. In fact, when men do not ejaculate, the body finds a way to do so on its own, through the use of wet dreams and such. The fact of the matter is that there are so many guys out there NOT getting laid, that to tell them they need more challenge is like taking a hammer to their balls. Its a fucking rediculous statement to make, and one that flies in the...


Now the way you use this is when you have elicited a sexual state, at just the moment where the tension builds, you suddenly change the topic and talk about The weather or some other superficial topic. After awhile, you bring up the sexual topic again and start to build the state and elicit it within them - and they go in even deeper this time - and at just the moment where the sexual tension feels so hot, you break the state and talk about something superficial like what you did that day. And you repeat and repeat. You can also physically fractionate the seduction. This is where you may touch her leg briefly or sit close to her or touch her in some way - then you just suddenly stop and after awhile you touch her again, this time on areas that are more sensitive like her neck face inner thigh inner arm - then you just stop and on and on. Fractionation creates a vacuum for a woman to get sucked into. As the fractionation goes on it gets more and more intimate until she is the one that...


To capitalise when doing a pick-up would be to * and close with a girl. To capitalise with a girl that you've already or *closed would be to do a follow-up of calling her and then either by patterning or using any other seduction technique helping her to realise what you both have really wanted all along ) Craig, Clifford's Seduction newsletter Make her put some work into hanging out with you in order for her to value you. Make her come and pick you up, make her spend some money on you, make her call and do you favors, etc. When she does things for you it will justify her own feelings for you and allow them to grow. See also Attract girls by being busy

Upcoming PUA Events

For some reason, the Winter Spring season is a big time for the Seduction Arts here in Los Angeles. Maybe it's the quiet desperation brought about by evil hollidays like Valentine's Day, but for the next 30 days there will be a number of commercial seduction related events on the horizon here if LA-LA land. ***Speed Seduction Seminar ( Date January 23, 24, 25 ***Dave Riker's Seduction Log ( Date January 23, 24 ***Ross Jeffries' Magick and Psychic Influence Seminar ( Date January 30, 31, & Feburary 1 Details Field experience is KING. Wing with instructors at bars clubs. Learn from field experience and get critiquing on body lanuage, tonality, and execution from the world's best pickup artists.


PRIZABILITY refers to both a man's ability to make women see him as the PRIZE, and the extent to which women see him as the PRIZE. Put in other words, PRIZABILITY is both a man's ability to make women want him and the extent to which they want him. So the bad news is that most of us do not know plastic surgeons that can transform our faces into Brad Pitt's over night. However, the good news is that most of us can improve our PRIZABILITY ability to make women want us. There are some guys who try to make women see them as being the PRIZE by parading their positive assets. Typical examples of this are guys who brag about what they do for a living and what kind of car they drive.

Tingly Method

Tingly from the PLAY and Seduction, the Art of lists has hit mASF with his Method, entitled Seduction LEVELS 1-2 are the Interest Attraction Phase. LEVELS 2-4 are the Trust Comfort Building Phase. LEVELS 4-5 are the Arousal Seduction Phase. Put the elements of sexual EXCITEMENT and A CHALLENGE into a nice guy and what do you have Right. A Bad Boy. Take the elements of sexual EXCITEMENT and A CHALLENGE OUT of a bad boy and what do you have Right. A Nice Guy. The above looks complicated, but it ain't. Read it a couple times and you'll get my meaning. I don't like SS etc because it's to long, structured and drawn out. Takes you damn near a month just to trick yourself into believing women want you and you STILL don't know how to pull women. One website just to tell you how to get laid. It ain't that serious.

My Story

Ever since l was a kid l was fascinated by the art of picking up and seducing women. I still have vivid memories from being a kid of going to the mall with buddies and trying to GAME chicks--we would usually fail miserably because we were stilI GAMING, but in time this all changed. When l was in Junior high school l was a total nerd. So, before l entered high school l made a conscious effort to change myself I read a couple of books on dating, changed my dress and got a cool haircut. Did this make a difference You bet your ass it did. By high school l had a few girls as consistent booty calls, and had a couple hot girlfriends. This was nothing to write home about, but at least l was getting laid. Then l went off to college and my sex life plummeted. One time after not getting laid for several months, I went to a frat party and fucked a total warpig ( warpig is slang for The reasoning for this is twofold. Firstly, most women, unlike men, intuitively understanding how to PRIZE get men...

The Art Of Confidence

Yet, so few people I have met truly have good Inner Game. Even some of the best PickUp Artists that I have had the great pleasure of meeting and hanging out with don't seem to have a grasp on this part of their personal growth. I know this because I am extremely-self centered. Most nice guys are. This is where the fallacy of Nice Guys vs. Ass Holes lies. Nice Guys tend to be the most self-centered people out there. All their actions are in an effort to please others so they can get that validation fix they so desperately want. Nice Guys tend to judge themselves quite harshly.

What this means is that there is no way to guarantee absolute 100 success

With every woman out there, no matter what amazing system for meeting women that you are trying to take advantage of mine or anyone else's. The dance of seduction invokes such deeply primordial sensations that it can't be completely manipulated with clever words and perfect attitudes alone. In other words, you could do everything I show you in this book absolutely perfectly to the letter and you could still get rejected once she catches a good sniff of your DNA and it turns out to be a mismatch I just wanted you to appreciate this plain and simple fact of life as a kind of final punctuation mark to the discussion we've been having in this chapter about the nature of seduction. I don't suspect this'll pose too much of a problem with many of you guys, because I feel your problem is more about fearing being rejected immediately when you try to approach a woman rather than later on after you've dated for awhile. For some reason, that doesn't seem to be such a devastating event as does the...

My Search For Solutions

Finally, I guaranteed myself that I would become confident in whatever I wanted to do. I will gain confidence. Ultimately, it was the experience of me breaking out of my shell that gave me the confidence. For me, it was talking to women. I decided that I would approach every single woman I saw At first, I would simply smile at them. And you know what They responded. Not all of them but enough to encourage me to expand my comfort zone a little further. This small success catapulted me to the next step in me expanding my comfort zone. Next, I would approach women and simply say Hi. Again, this slight widening of my comfort zone encouraged me. After all, I was an adult and had to take care of my confidence myself.

Well dont think for a moment that theyre not doing it right back at you

Before you can become skilled at seducing women, you must have a thorough understanding of just what that package is. You must become familiarized in all aspects of the grading system that women use to place the label SEXY on a man. After all, you can't begin to seduce them until you first capture their attention. And there's no better way to reduce the likelihood of being rejected than by getting a positive GO signal before you decide to attempt an of opening gambit. My goal is to reduce your odds of being rejected so that you can operate with confidence. And since confidence is one of those critical qualities that women always grade highly anyway, we want as much of it as we can stand Confidence comes from Knowledge. Ok, school's in.

Make No Excuses For My Desires As A Man I Make No Excuses For Myself I Move Through The World Without Apology

Do you really want to get laid with all the women you could ever possibly want Then STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOURSELF Don't make excuses for wanting to look at a beautiful woman. If you're caught looking, and she asks what you're doing, tell her Tell her you're enjoying studying just what a perfectly beautiful body she has, and to heck with her if she's too uptight to appreciate a real man who doesn't apologize for knowing what he wants

Your First Words are Always Non Verbal

Now we're getting into the good stuff the nuts-and-bolts of the pick-up . I like to consider what I teach as seduction, even though you probably won't be getting laid out in the parking lot with these techniques (although you might -- some women go nuts when they run across a man who actually knows what the hell he's doing ) Yes, that's right you will soon be entering an elite brotherhood of

Delete The Emotionand Save The Data Step 5 Your Unbearable Lightness of Being

See how tricky this thing can be You have to strike just the right balance between having the courage to say something, and coming on too strong like some kind of super-slick, pick-up artist. Either extreme leads to its own kind of failure -either you reject yourself, or she rejects you. No wonder so many guys feel inadequate moving on women Some degree of visible discomfort on your part openly demonstrates the desire to take a risk when the reward seems valuable enough (her ), which is a tremendous non-verbal shout of your high male status. Remember, High Status Males are conditioned to getting what they want -- so the kinds of risks that normal guys like you and me freeze up in the face of don't faze them.

How To Fake Like You Are Warm And Friendly

When I was in college, and struggling just to get a date, let alone get laid right and left, I knew one guy who ALWAYS had great looking women around him. He seemed to know practically every girl on campus, and they'd always come up to him and give him hugs and kisses. No, he was not a coke dealer or a pimp. Of all things, he was an evangelist. And what was his secret, a secret I hope YOU use to launch you on the way to getting laid like a bandit His affinity and warmth made women feel ADORED. He didn't come on all hot and heavy, like a hungry wolf on the prowl. He came on with all the friendliness and fun at his disposal - as if these strange women were long lost friends that he dearly loved. I suggest you make this AS IF principle part of your bag of tricks. The next time you approach a woman who is making you burst out of your pants with lust, try putting aside the lust and turning on the warmth. By contrast, if you act as if you truly were someone who everyone liked and received...

Fred tbbinson martiijo

You may not believe it but I actually do remember how I signed off last time out. I was talking about New York. I had intended to carry on doing so, but at this point I would like to harp back to Los Angeles for a moment. I was pleasantly surprised to meet several people who appeared to be pleasantly surprised to meet me for the first time. They were mostly Pabular readers, all of whom said they liked the column. I don't know whether they were being nice or were good liars, but I liked them. There was one young man, however, who expressed great surprise at meeting me for the first time and said that I was nothing like he had imagined me to be. When I asked what he meant he said Well you're a lot younger than I expected and a much nicer person. It turned out he had expected a miserable old fashioned Englishman or Scotsman, because I always seem to be complaining or 'having a go' at someone, which is English for using someone as a whipping boy. Well, it's nice to know someone else who...

Control You Inner Game

WARNING Don't leer at her like some kind of pervert (And wear baggy pants to conceal your woody ) Practice this mental-fantasy maneuver with a porno mag photo while watching yourself in a mirror so that you can control your expression to the point of showing offjust a hint of lust. Remember, women often don't understand how hot they really are. Your sexual interest in her is flattering as long as it's done very obliquely. This is a very fine line we're talking about here cross it too far and you're dead. Be Careful this is a dangerous point for all you self-sabotaging bastards who would like to deliberately crash and burn the seduction and run home to mommy. Men have to be tough hang in there

Deep Complimenting 101

17) Touch her Light touching on the arms, shoulders or upper back forces her to think sexually about you and gives her permission to touch you back if she wishes to 'up the ante', so to speak. If she responds favorably, then she is at least somewhat interested and possibly attracted to you. Failure to initiate at least a little bit of casual touching will get you categorized as a non-sexual 'nice guy' -- and we all know how much we hate him

Without Embarrassment

If you can get her to see you as the pathway to achieving all those desires, then you are home free as far as drawing her into your web of seduction. In fact she will gladly leap into your web The time has come to step back and expand our view of things. We've dealt with the most troublesome aspect of seducing women for many of you, the actual act of approaching and speaking to them. Since it is highly unlikely that she's going to jump your bones in the street a few minutes after you've first met her, we must continue to escalate the process of psychologically bonding her to us until we reach that point where she decides to transform the relationship into a full blown sexual romance. Layer by layer we build a foundation for the two of you to stand upon -- bit by bit we draw her into our lives and vice-versa.

Getting The Phone Number Route

Once you've made your date with your lady, get off the phone Again, you might blow it if you stay on and jabber, and you want to keep her wondering about you. Do your talking on the date If you hit it off on the phone, where does that leave you You can't get laid over a phone wire, whatever the 976 numbers would have you believe Save it for the date.

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