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Be ready to go through a complete transformation in the way that you think and feel about having sex with your wife or girlfriend! Revive Her Drive is like a Cheat Sheet to woo your woman the way she secretly wants you to, and simply cant express. The solution is based on female-friendly, easy-to-learn strategies that she will love! How nice will that moment be when shes lying in your arms, happy and spent, and she actually Thanks You for helping her to rediscover her sensual self? Shell be grateful that you, Her Man, now that you have the vision and skill to guide her into new, electrifying experiences even if she fights you or resists you now. Women Are sensual creatures. We women want pleasure, intimacy, connection, sensation as much as you do! Ill prove this to you. Once you know how to captivate her, you can turn her into a pleasure-seeking device within 24 hours. Getting that kind of responsiveness is the feedback you need to feel confident this program is working. Discover how Robert rekindled his relationship with Lauren using the tools within Revive Her Drive by watching this short presentation that lays out the whole strategy youll use to transform your intimate life into one of passion, surrender and fantasies-come-true. Read more here...

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Guys search for sexual experiences in the same way that girls crave emotional ones

To relationships is sexual fulfillment. Therefore, we size women up in terms of attractiveness by imagining just how potentially awesome it would be to have sex with them. That's why fat ugly chicks don't get a second look from us we instantly recognize it would be unlikely that they could keep us sexually interested and erotically stimulated on a continual basis with bodies that don't turn us on visually. Same basic principle, different drug. The addicts are everywhere

Blake Richards Orgasm Technique

11) Do this all slowly and deliberately and as she gets more and more aroused and closer to orgasm, you go faster and faster building your strokes until she has the most intense orgasm of her life 12) If she is too aroused or has multiple orgasms, you can break it up by just going to straight oral with your tongue every now and then in LONG strokes with your tongue right up her slit over and over alternating that with sucking and short tongue strokes on her clit then go back into the orgasm technique Now when you have sex with her after this, she will be so exquisitely sensitive, wet and aroused that it will also be the best SEX she has ever had A woman doesn't fall in love with you, neither does she decide consciously to need you, and its not too often that a woman will just decide on an intellectual level to have sex with you She falls in love with the way you make her feel. She has sex with a man based on the way he makes her feel and what she gets from the interaction - and even...

David Shades Manual Her First Vaginal Orgasm Using Hypnosis

I exchanged emails with a woman (we'll call her Debbie) who wanted to ask me about hypnosis, including its use in enhancing sexual pleasure. She said that she had clitoral orgasms, but she did not believe that she had ever had a vaginal orgasm. I asked her what she thought a vaginal orgasm would be like. She didn't know. I decided that I was going to give her her first vaginal orgasm using hypnosis over the phone. At this point she was really close, so with a very commanding voice I said Begin to feel that pleasure concentrate in your vagina. Feel the tingle in your body moving towards your vagina. Deep inside your vagina. Feel the tingle building in your vagina. Growing even stronger. Wave after wave. Even stronger. Even stronger. Concentrate on it. And it builds on itself. And it's getting even stronger. It feels even stronger. Surrender yourself completely to it. Give yourself over completely to it. Even stronger now. Feel it tingling deep inside of you. Stronger and stronger. Now...

Instant Orgasm on Command

I told my friend 'The Hypnotist' from Toronto about what I did with hypnosis and thinkoff. He said You don't have to go through all the trouble of explaining to them what's going to happen. Once under, tell them that they will have the best orgasm they can imagine when you do something, like touch your nose. Mark A. Cunningham told me, Very true given somnambulism you will ALWAYS get the suggested response. I admit I was somewhat skeptical. How could anyone possibly have an orgasm without ANY lead in whatsoever At Mark's Building a Better Lover seminar in October 2000, Mark assured me that it is absolutely possible. The night after returning from the seminar, I called my girlfriend. I told her about some of the things I had learned. Conversation got onto the subject of Tantra and multi-orgasms. She said I wonder what it would be like to have one orgasm right after the other, on and on, almost as if it where one eternal multi-orgasm, but it takes me a few minutes before I can come...

The 10 Count to Orgasm

Recently I had a one night sexual encounter with a woman, and we both understood the time limitations. I didn't want to complicate the fleeting relationship with talk of trance, hypnosis, or a formal induction. Whilst she was highly aroused (and naturally tranced after having already orgasmed a couple of times) I told her to imagine a warm wet tongue on her clitoris, to let the sensations and her clitoris grow (it did) and flow through her body, for her body to BECOME her clitoris, and for her pleasure to flow back to the tongue sharing mutual enjoyment, and for her to enjoy her sensual generosity. I then said that we would count to 10 together (thus getting her commitment) and that at 10 she would orgasm immediately, intensely, and that her orgasm would last as long as she wanted. Watching her getting more aroused and nearer to orgasm with each breath count was fascinating, and fucking horny It worked perfectly, and she came very hard and very long. She was amazed at her own sexual...

David Shades Manual A Truly Unique Way to Give a Woman an Orgasm

Later in the evening, she became affectionate and wanted the evening's activities to move into the bedroom. I interrupted her and said First I want to give you a special gift. I want to give you a new way to give yourself an orgasm. She was bright eyed and ready. I told her to sit on the sofa and make herself comfortable as I sat in a chair facing her. DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL tersely said You made me a man I said Why did you decide to be a man She said Because you told me to I said Do you like being a man She said No At this point I knew it was her reality. Then I said The nice thing about being a man is you have a penis. She began to look embarrassed. I said Touch your penis. She gave me a very embarrassed smile and then closed her eyes and she slowly moved her hand to touch her penis. I said It makes your penis feel so good to touch it. She continued to touch it. I said Caress your penis. It makes your penis excited. She caressed it. I said You are making your penis very excited and it...

The Energy Orgasm

I asked my girlfriend where she felt each orgasm when I stimulated her in each way. They are as follows Back of Deep Spot Deep inside vagina, also anus. The most exerting of all orgasms. Sometimes the stimulation is too much to handle and it makes her brown out. Instant Orgasm on Command Head, vagina, and sometimes clit. Intercourse Vagina. Anal intercourse Vagina and anus. More of a pressure feeling. Nipple orgasm Head, vagina, and womb. It appears that the nipple orgasm is the only orgasm that she feels in her womb. So I went in very deep and stimulated her cervix, thinking that I could cause a womb orgasm, but it resulted in a vaginal orgasm. My girlfriend and I are very in touch with each other's energy. I had her lay naked on the couch on her back. I first got her in the mood by giving her a nipple orgasm. Then I told her that I was going to try a chakra experiment with her, and for her to close her eyes and tell me anything she sees or feels. After she closed her eyes and became...

The Nipple Orgasm

First I anchored her orgasms to stimulation of her nipples. While rubbing her clit, I would then start sucking one of her nipples, and the stimulation of her nipples would be linked to her orgasm. Next I used hypnosis. I hypnotized her, and while she was under, I said Your nipples are very sensitive, and they are very responsive to my touch. In fact, they are beginning to become very excited just thinking about me touching your nipples. Your nipples are so sensitive, and so responsive to my touch, that my stimulation of your nipples alone will be enough to make you come. Then I began to stimulate her nipples, and continued the script, until she had an orgasm. Then she was a believer that her nipples alone could be enough to give her an orgasm.

Sex without Orgazm

Sexkitten wrote a pretty good post about having sex and not orgazming. Sexkitten writes It's difficult for a lot of women to reach orgasm during intercourse, but we can reach one through direct clitoral stimulation such as oral and or hand masturbation. Which leads me to a very important point. We have to know ourselves, and that extends to exploring and familiarizing ourselves with our bodies. For heavens sake don't be ashamed to masturbate and try different positions while you're at it. Then tell your man what does it for you and instigate them into your lovemaking. Don't just tell him, show him. And if there's a sexual position that feels as though it will send you into orgasmic heaven, let him know so that he'll keep doing it. Amen to that. I'm no sex expert by a long shot, but I remember the first time I had sex, it was such an awkward thing. I wasn't sure if anything I was doing was right (I was pretty much going off of what I'd seen done in pornos) and the girl certainly wasn't...

Conversations in Pornoland

I wouldn't even let her use her hand on me. She had this thing about I need to be in love to have sex, but she'd suck cock three times a day. If you're sucking cock, why won't you just get fucked It's not that big of a line. What a bozo. LOL. So what's the moral of the story, kids Simple Water and Jizz don't mix. ) Actually, I think the part about the girl willing to give head, but not have sex is pretty interesting. I know Swinggcat has this concept of sexual barriers that is very similar, which is basically the concept behind why some girls might not feel comfortable kissing you, but would still be willing to fuck you. Most guys might think Oh, I gotta kiss her and then try to have sex with her, when in reality, you may need to do the reverse.

Attraction Not Necessary

Swinggcat has this concept called ''Sexual Barriers,'' which is what Formhandle is indirectly referring to with the theories in his post. Basically, sexual barriers are obstacles a woman puts up to keep others from finding out how to have sex with her. The example Swingg uses all the time is being with a girl who'd fuck anyone at the drop of a hat, but refuses to kiss because it's ''Too Intimate.'' Usually, most guys will try to kiss the girl and then move into sex, but with this girl, Kissing is a sexual barrier -- so when she rejects a kiss from a guy, the guy may think ''Oh, she's not into me. I can't have sex with her.'' When in reality, he could simply bypass this sexual barrier and go for the lay through another method, such as intense kino, body sensations, etc.

My Thoughts on the NYT Article

Don't know the guy or his girl, but now I guess it's obvious why he's left the community. She sounds like a bit of a bitch to me. Fact of the matter is that most girls don't understand the necessity for something like this community to exist, because they can have sex whenever they want and it's not in their reality to know the trials most guys go through just to experience the most fundamental act of nature. If this were an article about a group of women teaching other women how to find a man and get them to marry them, would it have come off as sad and pathetic No. It would have been celebrated as an interesting little ''sowing circle'' and I have NO doubt that they would have included web addresses for that, as opposed to this article which conveniently left any mention of the websites in this community out.

A Knockout First Kiss

For a woman, the first kiss is always memorable whether it was her first kiss ever (when she was a teenager) or the first kiss she had with a guy who eventually became her boyfriend or husband. Though she will perform some rather shocking sex acts on most any perfect stranger who comes along with enough cash in his hand, no prostitute will ever allow a john to actually kiss her. That's because even a whore views kissing as something far more intimate than actually blowing some horny slob It all has to do with the Kiss being the pathway that leads to the act of true, emotionally meaningful sex. For any woman, sex can be just sex. Emotionally connected, meaningful sex is a whole other ballgame. Passage into this wonderful world for women comes only by way of the Passionate First Kiss. As a master seducer, you must learn to exploit this aspect of the female psyche by doing all the little things that will make your First Kiss one that will knock her socks off . One that she'll remember...

Cruise Control Now She Takes Over

Once you've gotten past the First Kiss, the ball is solidly in her court -- and whether or not the two of you will be having sex shortly is strictly her call now. She understands that she will either be offering you the opportunity very soon, or she will be calling the whole thing off.

Police to Train As Magicians

And I would say the greatest advise I can give to any entertainer, is to always play it clean. You can go out and you can try to put out an absolutely filthy hypnotic show, as some of them are doing. You know, we have one guy out here who is telling them that they are going to have an orgasm every time he shakes their hand and stuff like that. Well that appeals to a certain audience, but I can't imagine people wanting to go back and have that humiliating experience twice.

See also Lawn Display

Usage II Tickling produces laughter, which releases euphoria-promoting brain chemicals, such as endorphin, enkephalin, dopamine, noradrenaline, and adrenaline. Mutual laughter stimulated by tickling can promote bonding and strengthen emotional ties. Tickling reinforces psychological closeness through the physical medium of touch. Tickling the neck, armpits, and sides of the abdomen may also arouse sexual feelings, as it stimulates nonspecific erogenous areas of the skin.

Techniques for building a MLTR

If you were to say Is it okay if we have sex with different persons at the same time probably her reaction would be I am not that kind of woman What you think of me He presents the whole thing in feminine language and framing it so that she does not feel she is a slut for wanting sex with the sailor but a free and realized woman, who finally has developed herself as an individual.

The Right One Defined

The second thing to remember is that, in your initial fog of horniness soon after you've first met, a lot of different types of women can give you a woody. Hell, you've been eyeing up the family dog lately, haven't you Admit it. There is a point where you'll fuck anything, and that's okay. Just remember, she might be able to turn you on big time at first, but will you become desensitized to her physical charms after a short while and have to struggle to get it up Only you can know this sort of thing for sure, but it's something that you should consider in the early stages in order to save yourself a lot of grief, heartbreak and tears later on. Is this girl going to be able to keep me turned on, or will I get bored and tied of having sex with her If you're cross-eyed with Whether you can make this determination right away before having sex with her even one time, or if you will need to nail her a few times to see if the fires die quickly is something that only you can decide how to...

The Ultimate Flirting Secret

The best and most effective form offlirting is joking and innuendo about sex When you sit down and boil everything to its core, all you are doing from the moment you meet a woman is trying to get her to have sex with you. After sex is when the relationship stuff kicks in, but before that, it's all building up intercourse. You know it, and the girl knows it too Innuendo is effective because it's unclear. You're implying sexual overtones, but it's all about how she interprets what you're saying. Instead of breaking down her barriers about sex, innuendo bypasses them and sneaks the suggestion of sexuality into her brain. Often times, innuendo begets humor. The more innuendo you can slip in, the more sexual the conversation will become. Be sure to read your target while you're doing this, But no matter what you do, always keep this in mind Get her to think about having sex, and sex will not be far off

Chick frames

Now the interesting thing is that recent scientific research shows that women's sexual behaviour is not much different from men's. What l think is different is that women set more rigid boundaries than men. The reason for women setting boundaries which are more rigid than men's is that there are more social consequences for a woman going out and sleeping with random men. When a woman displays this sort of behaviour she is socially viewed as being a slut. This can be contrasted with men who display this same sort of behaviour. When a man has sex with an unattractive woman, his friends might tease him a little bit, but for the most part, there are minimal social consequences for a man doing this.

Volume Ii Advanced Skills

31 Women Talk Frankly About Sex And Dating 156 thinks and believes about sex and sexuality. It rings Ron Louis brings a unique male perspective to the interviews. His gritty and straightforward style gets you women's practical advice to men on how to approach and succeed with women. Prepare to be entertained and aroused, shocked and amused. Sexpecta-tions will open your eyes to the wide spectrum of women's sexual experiences and desires.

Lord of the Cock Rings

It seems to knock some sense into them, clinically speaking, said one unnamed FDA researcher. After taking Plan A, our test subjects intuitively understood what men were really thinking. They no longer believed the words 'I love you' when it was just an inducement to sexual activity. In fact, they avoided situations where they might be alone together with any man to whom they were not married.

Dear Lord What Have I Done

So the next couple months we are sort-of seeing each other. But it gets to the point where I can't fucking stand this girl. See, the thing about Ellyn is that she is the quintessential DRAMA QUEEN She needs drama in her life, and if it isn't there, she will create it. Not only that, but the girl was so emotionally fucked up, that she needed guys to get angry with her to get sexually aroused (conditioning, anyone ). However, I was a nice guy who didn't really give a shit about her, so I never fell for her tricks to bait me into anger, though I probably could have had a lot more sex if I had.

Not Into Games Bullshit

You basically have two different factors at battle constantly in these situations -- the sexual and the relationship. Women control the sexual power and men control the relationship power. Women do not like it when men are able to get them to give up their sexual power and then not return the relationship power. Men, on the other hand, do not like it when they give up their relationship power and the women do not reciprocate with the sexual power.

Female Leg Cross Gestures

Female Body Language Legs

Most men agree that the leg twine (Figure 123) is the most appealing sitting position a woman can take. It is a gesture that women consciously use to attract attention. Dr Scheflen states that one leg is pressed firmly against the other to give the appearance of high muscle tone which, as previously mentioned, is a condition that the body takes when a person is ready for sexual performance.

The Social Circle of Life

It is very easy to befriend women, because when you make it clear you do not want to have sex with them, they can feel safe with you and allow you to mess up around them in practicing your PUA skills. Not only that, but being around women will teach you SO MUCH about pick-up, your game will rapidly increase.

The slut guilt neutralizing defense

She will agree to sex with a man only if she can feel that it happened just as a case or because it just happened or because of the circumstances and so on. The word slut is a depreciative term used to describe a woman who has sexual adventures left and right, to describe a woman who loves sex and loves to have it with all the men she likes whenever she wants. Reframe the slut guilt neutralizing defense of the woman and all her feelings thereby giving her a reason to enjoy her sexuality, of course, with you my friends, you seducers.

Kolanut In The Vagina

Lobelia Herb Magic

Two suggested exercises in Sexual Occultism by John Mumford have been used in Tantric yoga for thousands of years in India and the Middle East. These particular exercises can be used as a ritual to heighten orgasms. Exercise One To control ejaculation and orgasm (Muladhara Bandha).

The phase of physical contact

- With the word sex , I mean fully satisfying sexual intercourse. Some women use refusing sex as means of controlling the man from the very first meeting. This type of woman is a source of never-ending problems later in the relationship, so dump her from the beginning. I have brought to bed women with whom I have needed the following cycle physical approach lean back physical approach many, many times before they are ready to surrender. Due to their feelings of guilt about sexuality many women may surrender to sex only with the mental setup of I could not resist him. There was no other choice. So get to it If you are not a natural talent and in case you feel you are unsure on the sexual level, there are many books and web sites where you can find important information for improving your sexual skills.

The subservient frame and the PNP mechanism

Inasmuch as man's sexual instinct is overwhelming, a man cannot resist this and starts to serve the woman, to do her favors, to buy her flowers and gifts and tries to buy the chance to have sex with her by using all the means at his disposal. Evolution has programmed a man genetically and biologically at the instinctual level to want sex with a woman in an irresistible and overwhelming way. This makes of the man a propagator of genes. This causes the man to do extremely humiliating acts as paying prostitutes to have sex with him. As a young adult I always wondered what puts a man in such a humiliating state as paying to have sex with prostitutes - I have had a lot of sex in my life, but I have never been to a prostitute. Most men believe that doing a woman favors and being in a subservient mental frame will result in his seducing her and having sex with her. c. Your sexual desire. The stronger your sexual desire is, the more difficult you will find it to fight against the subservient...

Dating the Bisexual Woman

After we got back together, she said Some night I want Jenny to come out with us. It would be exciting for me if she and I were to hang on you. It would make you appear even more strong and sexy to me than you already are. She knew that I could play the role well. Then she said It would be very exciting for me to watch you have sex with another woman while I rub her clit. I said I would oblige her. She said Love is love, but sex is sex. What a gal. She ended up not hooking back up with the three women she had been with, for various reasons. We went about our relationship, busy with things like teaching her to have a one hour orgasm and teaching her to squirt. I have started studying the chakras, and how they could be used to enhance the sexual experience. I purchased the books Pocket Guide to Chakras by Joy Gardner-Gordon, Sexual Magic by Margo Anand, and Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. Eden's book is very good. While sexual feelings begin with a root chakra wanting to connect with...

How to Identify the Really Worthy Ones

Sexuality seems to be determined genetically. At a very young age, such a woman had been asking herself questions about sexuality, looking for answers in whatever magazines she could find, and fantasizing about sexuality. Unfortunately, as happens all too often, sexuality can be seriously damaged by traumatic experiences. Such wounds are almost never healed. All of the above ONLY applies to the first time. After that, when she is your lover, there should be lots of awesome foreplay. And all of the above only applies to less than mature women. One night stands for immature women are more about conquests and getting off than they are about intimacy. And on top of that, for the very discriminating highly sexual women, it is also a test to see if he can give awesome foreplay before intercourse. These are the really fun ones. In these situations (which you will find yourself in if you choose wisely) she is looking for a lover who is very good. If you have chosen well, awesome foreplay is...

Slip in the Back Door

A week later I was playing with her, using my fingers, while she was lying on her back. She was wet to the point of dripping down onto the sheets. While she was concentrating on what would soon be her orgasm, and while she was at the height of her receptivity, I allowed the lubricated tip of my pinky finger to press against her anus. There was no objection. I pressed harder to just slide the tip of my pinky in, up to the first joint. Her concentration popped. I assured her I would be gentle. I did not, however, remove my pinky. I slowly resumed the vaginal stimulation, and she resumed her concentration. When she got really close, I pressed my pinky in just a little farther, up to the second joint. She didn't seem to notice. Then when she started her orgasm, I gently slid my pinky out and back in a few times. The association was made, albeit small. DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL and she started becoming extremely excited. I talked to her more deterministically and drove my finger harder and...

You Dont Need to Hypnotize

So, if a comparison is made and the result comes back 'familiar' the suggestion goes straight in. For example, if you say to your woman When I eat you out, you are going to have an orgasm. She will accept that because it is familiar. However, if a comparison is made and the result comes back 'unfamiliar' the suggestion is rejected. For example, if you say to her When you suck my cock, you will have an orgasm. She will probably not accept that because it is unfamiliar to her. In fact, she will probably give you a very strange look. For example, if you want your woman to have orgasms whenever she sucks your cock, don't just say to her Baby, you will have orgasms whenever you suck my cock. That suggestion will probably get rejected. Instead, do as described in the chapter Now She Loves to Go Down. You want your woman to do A, (have orgasms when sucking cock.) You pick a subject matter B, (highly sexual women have such extremely sensitive lips that they can cause an orgasm.) You select a...

Formula For Cold Readings

Sex, as stated several times before, produces a great deal of anxiety and trouble in this old world of ours. This is especially a great deal of sham and confusion about sex, revealed particularly by women. While many clients were induced to seek consultations because of marital differences, it was later revealed that practically all visitors displayed marital dissatisfaction or difficulties.

How Does Your Blood Smell

The curious thing is that there's doesn't seem to be any similar capability among males. We're programmed primarily to look for the visual signs of healthy child-bearing capability in the women we find attractive i.e., youthfulness, 0.7 hip-to-waist ratio, large breasts, etc. However, it's interesting to note that women, too, are programmed just like men to seek out the perfect partner for procreation, it's just that their sensory apparatus makes their detection methodology different. Since men use vision we can stand back and make all the assessments we need to make remotely from a distance. Women, though, need to get in close and actually get a whiff of a man. Imagine that This whole thing becomes especially complicated in modern life because clothing and deodorant soaps and colognes can interfere with her olfactory assessment, in effect masking our true genetic nature from her. This is why it might take several dates, and probably a casual encounter where she can get a sniff of...

Steps Tools used Weasel phrases embedded commands

Can you believe she said that Now, see, if I had wanted to play back with her I woulda said something like, Oh yeah Well you know that feeling you get just before you have an orgasm. When the pleasure is just building and pulsing and throbbing all through your body If you could IMAGINE THAT FEELING, could you FEEL THAT RIGHT NOW (squeeze her hands as you say this you've now set up an incredibly powerful stacked up anchor )

The cognitive distortion of the only option

Imagine you seduced a beautiful and intelligent woman, one whom you really like. Imagine you have fallen crazily in love. When looking at her beautiful legs, her breasts, you are dying for her, and every time you have sex with her it makes you feel close to the door to Paradise. Important The worst kind of distortion of the only option can strike inexperienced men long before they have sexual contacts with the woman in question. To some of them it is enough to see her once. Women know this at an instinctual level. I can assure you that - if she feels at an instinctual level that she put you in a cage by just showing you her legs - she will not be motivated at all to have sex with you.

Unfair Seductions In An Unfair World

Unfortunately, when you deal with women, you may often find yourself in that type of situation. They expect you to play by the rules, but they feel perfectly free to do whatever THEY want. For example, lots of women are more than happy to spend your money and time, and generally lead you on, letting you think you have a reward (sexual) coming. They talk about sex on the date, touch you a lot, and ACT very seductive. Then when you make a pass, they freak out and scream about what animals men are, how we're only after one thing. Or they let you have it with that famous line I'm just not attracted to you. Maybe you find out that she was just using you as a social spare tire because her boyfriend was out of town for a few weeks and she didn't want to sit at home alone and look at the four walls. And while we're on the subject of fair, is it fair that the good-looking and rich guys should get all the beautiful women while you and I have to settle for the dogs Are you any less deserving of...

The phases of a seduction

Closing her Seducing her into having sex with you or rejecting her and telling her why or simply rejecting her without any explanation, i.e. ending the relationship with her forever. The Rapport & Comfort phase is not essential with all women. After you have shown Alpha qualities, some women may want to have sex with you and only after do they ask you your name. For some other women - especially those with high self-esteem and those with deep feelings of guilt about sex and attraction - Rapport & Comfort can be very important. For other women, especially those with fears or shyness, Comfort can be extremely important. As a rule I do everything I can to bring to bed a woman between the first and the third encounter. If I do not succeed in the course of 3 encounters - it rarely happens with me - I end the interaction with her. Any other interaction would bring me more and more into the beta friendship frame and only reduce the possibilities of having sex. Exceptions to this rule are...

Its All Subconscious With

You see, a woman's interest in mating always begins deep within the limbic portion of her brain where her most basic instincts for procreation reside. All your efforts to seduce her must take into account an essential duality of her psychology so that you are simultaneously stimulating two divergent parts of her consciousness in order to lead her along towards that coveted moment of sexual surrender. 1) You petition her higher conscious mind with your words and the intriguing content of your speech. At the same time, 2) you must quickly begin to signal your desirability as a sexual partner to her unconscious limbic brain with your attitude and subliminal behavior patterns. You must get both aspects of this mojo working correctly, or any budding seduction will fizzle with stunning dispatch. And you will soon be the one being dispatched

Reading the signs of a committed woman

Women that are taken are different from women that are single in that they are either LESS PICKY or MORE HORNY. Single women are either looking for more than just dick (MORE PICKY) or they have less of a sex-drive so they don't REQUIRE a man in their lives unless he's just what they want. A chick that is taken gives herself to her boyfriend so he can fuck her. Now the pressure is on the guy to perform. Unless the guy is still HOT for the chick, the sex is routine or most importantly ORGASMLESS for the woman. When she meets you, she feels that DESIRE to be with a man. She feels YOUR DESIRE to please her and take your pleasure from her. It is that ROMANTIC kind of interaction that she doesn't get from her boyfriend coming home, turning on the TV, watching sports, feeling her up for a second (lack of foreplay is a MAJOR turnoff) and fucking her until HE cums and falling asleep. As long as she feels like she can get away with it and still have her hum-drum relationship intact, she will...

Language of Love Shares Many Traits

When wolves encounter each other, they usually give a show of dominance, keeping their distance. But in a sexual encounter, they become playful and frisky, like puppies, said Dr. Givens, so they can accept closeness. The next step is a mutual show of submission, all of which paves the way for physical intimacy. In evolutionary terms, the payoff for each sex in parental investment differs to produce a child a woman has an obligatory nine-month commitment, while for a man it's just one sexual act, said Dr. David Buss, a psychologist at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and author of The Evolution of Desire (Basic Books, 1994). For men in evolutionary terms what pays is sexual access to a wide variety of women, while for women it's having a man who will commit time and resources to helping raise children.

Expanding her Envelope of Sexuality

Expanding the envelop of a woman's sexuality is, in actuality, bringing a woman's submerged desires to reality. It is also bringing to reality things that she may not have ever dreamed of doing, or ever knew existed, but once experienced, then desires. It is ultimately the ruthless expression of her sexuality. The proper motivation for her to expand her envelop of sexuality includes Her sexual fulfillment is what she does to please you. She is increasingly sexually responsive to you in order to become closer to you, a celebration of your close emotional bond, new ways to have an orgasm, more orgasms, and stronger orgasms, exploration, new ways to enjoy her sexuality, and to be all the woman she can be. To move up to more advanced fantasies, you use what you know about her, plus the basic proper motivations for her to expand her envelop of sexuality listed above, and you begin to anchor fantasies to the pleasure you two already share. You start by narrating a fantasy into her ear while...

Ross Jeffries Bans Top Student

Not getting laid for 6 months or more. Yes, Ross invented the concept of prolonged abstinance, and if you haven't been getting laid, then every second of the day when you are not having sex, you must at least be thinking ''I'm not having sex because of Ross Jeffries.'' And when someone asks you how long it's been since you last got laid, your responce must be ''Ross Jeffries '' Which everyone will know to mean you haven't been laid in a looooong time. Either that, or you can respond sadly ''Ross Jeffries,'' so everyone will know that Ross Jeffries did, in fact, fuck you in some respect -- be it for buying a shitty product or ass rape. 6. Man Boy Love. If you should find yourself having sex with a little boy, just remember to give Ross the credit for driving you to such extreme measures to get your dickie wet. Each thrust into the little boy should be accompanied by ''Ross, Ross, Ross, Ross Jeffries '' Remember, 3 short, 1 long

Getting Her Addicted to

Here's a neat little trick that I discovered in my travels along the perverted yellow brick road. Once you finally break the 'sex barrier' with a woman, all sorts of opportunities to form a powerful psycho-sexual bond between the two of you begin to present themselves. Getting a woman addicted to you is a seriously complex issue that could probably fill out an entire book on its own since it has to do with the creation of feelings of trust and shared experience and all that other good stuff. But I think that the foundational groundwork can always be laid by showing her a good time in the sack, and specifically, becoming the guy in her life who can give her the monster orgasm. I'm not talking about your garden variety orgasm here, but one that is so deep and powerful she had no idea it was even possible to achieve such high levels of pleasure. And you're the man who brings her this great gift This will make every other aspect of relationship building follow whatever path you may wish...

In an irresistible way

Now a very important subject from the point of view of seduction a less romantic aspect of these biological and genetic instincts is that as soon as the woman feels she has obtained her purpose - having her man dependent on her using various means - she starts to slowly loose her interest in him on the sexual level. You want a happy marriage with a beautiful and sexually active woman Give her a little bit of yourself but keep her always in uncertainty so that she can never be sure of having you.

Genetics seductions best friend

The central principle of this book is an experienced seducer is able to recognize the above mentioned fine signs coming from a woman's evolutionary detector. Then he is able to influence this detector so that he makes her feel a deep erotic desire for him and has her wanting to have sex with him. Anyway ladies have invented a wonderful way to solve this problem. They can be in the company of their romance novels and wait all their life for the Perfect Prince. They can live all their life without having a complete and fulfilling emotional and sexual relationship and wait for HIM.

An Interview with Swinggcat Part IV

On the other hand a lot of times they have affairs with the guy they have that unbridled passion for, the guys who are the prize, that make the woman chase them. So you need to find a happy medium. You need to be that guy that they chase, but you also want to do things that make them feel comfortable, and what you want to do is if you're in the superior position, and I'm not gonna get too into this, but you want to do something that slightly lowers yourself to the girl. You want to, even if it's in a subtle way, give her some form of validation. And this doesn't mean Oh my God, you are SO beautiful or something like that. I mean, something as simple as asking a girl what a certain word means, or sometimes if a girl is really intimidated by my intellect, I might I might say something like You're very, very bright. And then change the subject, and then tease her about maybe not remembering something. So I'm giving her a taste of that validation and rising her maybe a little above me for...

David Shades Manual Anticipation and Vulnerability

When she was done, I pulled the plug from her ass, and she gasped and shivered. Usually, just after she has come, her ass is much too sensitive for any kind of further stimulation. But this time I was merciless. I said You are my little cum slut. You are here for my pleasure, and I am going to take it now and I did the dirty deed. She was back at it. I said Now I remember why you're my little fuck bitch, 'cause your butt makes my dick come so fucking good. Yeah, you're gonna make my cock get off hard. It led to another equally enthusiastic orgasm. The essence of peak eroticism Sensual and orgasmic intensity, reduced inhibitions, validation given and received, mutuality and resonance, transcendence of personal boundaries. I do not think sexuality is driven by kinky desires. I think it is driven by straightforward desires for pleasure and safety. Kinkiness is merely the complicated route that some people need to take in order to safely feel pleasure. Further, I hope to show that many of...

Women And Social Circles

I am willing to bet that most guys who cannot talk to or approach women do not have many female friends in their social circles. And if they do, the girls are friends they would like to have sex with. They do not know what it is like to truly be friends with a girl they do not want to sex up, and because of that, there is always a feeling of comfortableness just below the surface of their interaction with girls, which the girls can pick up on and which completely throws off the guy's state. Most guys have had a lot of experience with the Let's Just Be Friends area of life. But this is not the same thing. The fact is, with the Let's Just Be Friends stigma, you are not really the girl's friend because you still want to have sex with her and she knows it. It is very easy to befriend women, because when you make it clear you do not want to have sex with them, they can feel safe with you and allow you to mess up around them in practicing your dating skills. Not only that, but being around...

Putting it All Together

Ultimately, everything is her choice to make at every step along the way. Although it seems like the man is the one who must do all the heavy lifting in a seduction, it's actually the woman who selects the male at every step along the way -from the very first glint in her eye to her ultimate sexual surrender. She sends the initial

High Status powerful Males vs Low Status weak Males

Extent) is what weighs most heavily in her calculation of what makes a captivating guy. Remember, the consequences of sexual activity are vastly different for a woman than they are for a man, and so the factors that serve to turn her on sexually are different too. These factors are hardwired into her brain by Nature just as yours are, and really, they make a lot of sense when you stop and think about them. It's been said that maleness and femaleness are simply two different strategies for reproduction -- each simultaneously complimenting and in competition with the other.

A list of the principal female tests and their meaning

Realize that a woman can talk about every subject, but not with the purpose of talking with you about the real subject of the conversation, but with the intention of studying your reactions. For example, at a movie she may ask if you like a certain kind of blond actress with the purpose of studying your reactions about blondes. Likewise she may start an intellectual discussion about porno movies in order to study your reactions about sex and so on. If you pass her tests, however, she will feel an irresistible desire to give herself sexually to you. Passing her tests is practically the same as lowering her defenses and getting her to open up to having sex with you.

The Ultimate Secret to Getting Good With Women

But the process of refining your Inner Game can be a long, arduous, and even scary task. When I first started my work on Inner Game back in 1998, I was 300 lbs, scared to talk to women, had guilty feelings about sex, and numerous issues with anger and with my general outlook on life Basically, I'm someone who could have made some therapist somewhere a boatload of money. But with the help of Speed Seduction and some of the people I met through that, I was able to work out my inner demons and refine my Inner Game, to the point where I am now around 200 lbs, can talk to women very easily, have NO guilt about sex, and am no longer dealing with anger or many of the negative traits that affected my life. Once you have identified Root Causes for your problems, then it is time to work on fixing them so they stop affecting you negatively. For instance, I discovered that part of my inability to lay a girl was because I had incredibly guilty feelings about sex, and this would cause me to chicken...

Your Ability to Deliver on Her Four Primary Emotional Needs

He said this, she did that, blah blah blah and so it goes. It never seems to end the bickering, the hurt feelings. What the hell is going on Is this the price we have to pay for the simple desire to have sex with someone that we actually like difficult to have sex with. Then you'll be faced with either having to dump her or play kiss-ass and make up all the time, neither which is very appealing. Of course, if she's often hysterical and you find yourself exhausted trying to keep her grounded in reality, then you might want to cut your losses and get out before she drags you down into mental hell along with her. You'll have to use your own best judgement here. How to Show Her that You can Deliver on this Need Big Time While you're Still in the Dating Stages I'll admit this is a tough one to demonstrate with true sincerity. She expects that you'll do silly romantic stuff when you're first dating because she knows that you think it's the gateway into her pants. How you'll keep it up (the...

My maddening failure was that I always ended up being friends instead of lovers

Sheesh What a pain in the ass this seduction stuff is Once we get over our fear of attempting it, now we've got to actually demonstrate some skill and knowledge to close the sale and maneuver her into a sexual relationship I guess it's really no different than learning to fly an airplane or something - once we get over our fear of flying so that we can climb into the cockpit, now we've got to actually learn what the hell all those switches and controls do Becoming a pilot requires a certain degree courage to even attempt at first, and then the proper training and acquisition of actual skills to complete the job afterwards. Welcome to flight school 101.

Finding out about her values system of beliefs

Every person may have his her system of beliefs connected with rock music. Some may feel it is the most important art form in the world. Some others may hate rock music. Yet others may feel indifferent towards it. And someone else does not even know what rock music is. Possibly some woman was listening to rock music when her boyfriend dumped her. For this reason she always has bad feelings about rock music and still someone else may have been listening to rock music when she felt the best orgasm of her life and maybe for this reason she has an extreme passion for rock music.

The Remote Control

A few weeks later, I had my girlfriend wear it again while we went out dancing. I teased her with it all evening. But then when we were out on the dance floor, I left it on. Next to us was a stunningly beautiful tall classy redhead in a formal evening gown who was dancing by herself. I had seen her earlier sitting at a table on a double date. I waited until my girlfriend was really 'close' and then I turned off the remote and I tapped the redhead on the shoulder and held out the remote and said to her Do you know what this is She stopped dancing and just looked at it. I said Hold it and I handed it to her. My girlfriend became very embarrassed, but she does love beautiful women. Then I said Turn it on. She turned it on. Then I said Now look at my girlfriend's face. The redhead's eyes got really big and she said to my girlfriend Is he bullshitting and my girlfriend smiled and replied No. Then the redhead started waving the remote in front of my girlfriend's skirt. Then I said to the...

Being All the Woman She Can Be

Throughout her life, beginning as a little girl, she has been developing and exploring her sexuality and what it means to be a woman. She has been practicing how to use her beauty and charm to make a strong man fall in love with her. Doing so makes her feel courageous, she obtains the appreciation she needs from him, it validates that she is worthy of love and attention, and it validates her life long mission to bring peace, love, and harmony to people's lives. It allows her to feel that emotional connection she so craves, which she will use to further deepen the bond.

Zen and the Art of Opening

This is the reality of women, especially beautiful women. Women know men want to have sex with them. They get untold offers every day to have sex. Guy after guy will approach with that exact goal in mind. So girls, naturally, become accustomed to rejecting advances that telegraph intent, much the same way you might respond to a vagrant asking for change as you walk to work. You know what he is going to ask and you are prepared not to give it to him.

The body of the clitoris

So I headed into the love lab to test it on my willing subject. As she laid on her back, I placed the fingers of my hand over her labia, with my palm towards her pelvic bone. I used my ring finger and middle finger to spread her labia open. I held the tips of my two fingers a little more than an inch apart, basically to either side of the opening of the vagina, as I lightly pressed the pads of my fingers against her skin under her labia and slid my hand up and down. This put pressure on the skin over the body of the clitoris. It is best when used with a little Astroglide lubricant. She said That is an entirely new sensation Nobody has ever touched me like that. Don't stop And she had a very powerful orgasm. She has requested it many times since then. It gives her a very powerful orgasm which she says is a blend of a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm. For a diagram, see support

David Shades Manual Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

They're not, though they can be (in a context.) Social programming has everybody believing that love comes before sex. But when you look at reality, you find that most women have sex and then maybe, in some cases, fall in love. That's called 'Healthy mammalian behavior.' Listen up, women love sex. Women love passion. You need to become comfortable with that fact, and you need to be ok with it. Ok, I don't know what to say I guess, more than anything, I'd love to know what to say to a women, before, during, and after sex. After sex, do you compliment her DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL gently steered her in the direction of further elaboration, more detail, including more of the senses, timeline-ing it all over the place, until she relives all those orgasms and they all get linked to me. AP wrote My girlfriend wants to read David Shade's Manual. She wants to learn how to hypnotize me and how to increase the number, duration, and intensity of my orgasms. She loves seeing me in the...

David Shades Manual Foursomes Moresomes and Orgies

Think of a buddy of yours that you trust and who is good with women. It has to be someone you trust. And you ask him to help you out with something. Now, imagine your woman, facing you, naked, on her hands a knees, and then watch the look on her face as your buddy enters her. Now, tell her to show you how good she can fuck. Tell her to fuck him like the horny little slut that she is. And while she fucks him hard, you tell her to show you how fucking hard she can come for you. And as she starts getting close, it tugs at your heart. But then when she comes really hard, she looks amazingly beautiful to you. Yeah, that's right. After your girlfriend smothers you with kisses and hugs, your buddy's girlfriend jumps on the bed and you return the favor and fuck her while your woman cheers you on. Hey, what's fair is fair. And hey, just because your woman is with you doesn't mean you have to be the last man she can ever have sex with. And besides, she has been...

The Nip it in the bud technique

I held her labia open with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand, and then I placed the thumb and forefinger of my right hand on either side of the hood of her clit and I held as much of it between my fingers as I could gather. I used half inch strokes in a direction up towards her patch and down towards her vagina. I could feel the length of the clit slide up and down inside of the hood of the clit. This felt incredible for her and gave her a powerful orgasm. I jokingly said Instead of calling it the 'John technique,' we'll call it the 'nip it in the bud' technique. She chuckled and agreed. Then the next time we were together, I got her clit really excited and pressed my thumb and forefinger down hard in order to grab as much of the hood of her clit as I could. When she is really excited, her clit can actually take being handled more aggressively. This time I pulled the hood up in a direction away from her body and then down towards her body. She...

How To Find Out Where She Puts Her Pictures And What To Do With That Information Once Youve Got It

Some women just aren't that effected by the pictures they have in their heads. Even if you do get them PICTURING sexual acts, it still doesn't get them all that turned on. For them, sounds and feelings are most powerful. So you can even have her hearing sounds in a way that gets her REALLY HOT, using sub-modalities. To do so, you'd say something like this

Additions to David Eldridge

Try as you speak to make your voice sound just a little more pleasant as you or the spectator touch or speak about the force object. Remember not to be too obvious. I know some people who sound as if they are having an orgasm when they mean to subtly influence others to feel better. That may help them fool themselves, but mostly to listeners, it just sounds silly and obvious. Try to be subtle and use suggestion.

MLTR Multiple Long Term Relationships

A healthy adult man, who for one reason or another is in a state of sexual deprivation, feels bad and doesn't live well. A healthy adult man needs to have sex at least once a day or at a minimum 4-5 times a week. The lack of sex is an extremely painful and unhealthy condition, particularly if the man is under constant presence of a stimulus very beautiful women in front of his eyes all the time. As we saw above, fidelity to a woman is a present you give to the woman who knows how to treat you well and who makes of you the centre of her life. Once you are used to considering fidelity as a present and not as a rule to follow, in any case one day -maybe in case you are in a relationship which is not sexually satisfying or at the end of an unsatisfying relationship - you might ask yourself How can I satisfy my masculine sexual needs and the need for closeness without risking entering a long-term relationship One of the most positive outcomes of woman's liberation is that if you go out on...

Reframing chick tests chick frames

Suppose that a guy is out on a date with a really hot woman. At some point during the date the woman says to the guy, Would you please not be so touchy with me. And don't think by acting that way that you are going to get any from me tonight . Suppose the guy reacts to her by saying, Oh l am sorry if l stop touching you will you have sex with me tonight Guys, I know this example almost seems unrealistic, but l have actually witnessed my own friends acting this way around girls. If you listen to the inner child inside of you who is afraid that you are going to mess it up or that she wont like you if she thinks you are being mean, you will come across as a needy ass kisser. This is a bad thing, unless you are content with your sex life being restricted to Internet porn.

The Right Way To Use Visualization To Build Irresistible Confidence

She talks about sex on the first date. Any woman who does this either has no class, or, far more frequently, is a prickteaser. If a woman talks about sex on the first date, or even pulls out a dirty drawing or photograph to show you (believe me, I've had it happen) don't get hot and bothered This is a sign of a sicko, believe me Your best response is to act a trifle shocked and say, I think talking about these kind of things with someone you hardly know is kind of vulgar, don't you Or, even more effective, You know I find people who have to talk about sex right off the bat usually have a real problem with it

The Driving Force behind Seduction

I do this by having women focus on why they like sex. And do this by asking So what is it about sex that you really enjoy - and as they start to describe it, the tension for it within them starts to build. Then I ask, So what would it be like to do this and the anticipation builds as they imagine it.

Mystery on Jealousy and Phone Game

So I got her number and then went home with my ex. and did I fuck her of course she loved (or hated) the fact that hot women want me and I have choice. she even knew I had the girls in my pocket. strange but true. After sex, she was in the shower when I called the other girl. its a fucked situation because I am

Qualifying Challenging

If they give me a sexual response to either being adventurous or spontaneous, then l can skip the next step. But if they don't give me a sexual response (this is actually kinda rare) I will ask them about the craziest place they ever had sex. Once they tell you the craziest place they ever had sex, they will usually ask you the same question, to which you better come up with a story that is even more adventurous than theirs (Remember, the subtext you are trying to get across is that you are looking for an adventurous girl, but no matter how adventurous she is, she is not quite as adventurous as you.).

Friends Into Lovers Pattern

Can you believe she said that Now, see, if I had wanted to play back with her I woulda said something like, Oh yeah Well you know that feeling you get just before you have an orgasm. When the pleasure is just building and pulsing and throbbing all through your body If you could IMAGINE THAT FEELING, could you FEEL THAT RIGHT NOW

Turning a One Night Stand into a Fuck Buddy

If you're prepared for the possible emotional repurcussions, though, there are ways to increase the chances of a one time coupling becoming booty call material. It's not a sure thing, but it is possible. if you do it right. The first thing, and this should be etched into your mind in stone, is make her come. Repeatedly, if possible. Personally, I try to get at least one orgasm out of the way before the initial penetration, since there are girls that just don't get off from actual fucking. If you make her pleasure your first priority, you'll score major points. Too many guys are only worried about getting off, and that puts them in the mistake column.

The Cold Reader

He realizes that as a result of medical research that a normal sex life (or sex relief) is conducive to the highest level of physical and mental health. That an unbalance of this drive will cause all kinds of disturbing factors that will send him clients from all walks of life.

Teenager Female

I would say nothing to intimidate you, and nothing to make you feel bad or embarrass you by any means. But if I was reading my daughter, I would most assuredly give her the same advice that I am giving you. Many times in your life, in your young life, you are going to have to make a choice. It may be the choice to go out on a date, it may be the choice to have sex, it may be the choice to have a drink, or to smoke pot, whatever, to do something.

What is Interest

Women know men want to have sex with them. They get untold offers every day to have sex. Guy after guy will approach with that exact goal in mind. So girls, naturally, become accustomed to rejecting advances that telegraph intent, much the same way you might respond to a vagrant asking for change as you walk to work. You know what he is going to ask and you are prepared not to give it to him.


Well, eventually a relationship can settle into a nice comfortable routine marked by regular sex and mutual respect of each other's needs and boundaries, but it never starts out that way. It can't. Turmoil and disruption and great swings of passion are what characterize the early stages of any man-woman relationship this is the dreaded


Stock spiel statements are necessarily general, even though interpretation by the client is claimed to make them seem more impressive. To provide more specific assertions, the reader must narrow down the number of topic areas which could possibly be relevant. To do this he assigns the client to a particular category, generating a stereotype for that subpopulation which will inform him of the kinds of interest or concern to concentrate on. Such classification seems to occur along two main dimensions which are somewhat mutually dependent what type of person the client is, and what type of problem they are concerned with. Pigeon-holing makes use of information leakage which occurs very early in the reading situation and requires little, if any, subsequent feedback. Instances in which this situation occurs include some types of radio reading, where psychics are invited to give readings on the air for listeners who telephone the station, and more recently with advertised telephone...

Love Signal

A nonverbal sign exchanged in the process of courtship, flirtation, and seduction. 2. A nonverbal message designed to attract sexual partners. 3. In modified form (i.e., presented less seductively), a sign to help establish rapport. Usage III Love signals are messages about physical proximity and psychological closeness. We trade gestures to tell each other (apart from words) to come nearer and nearer until we touch (see TOUCH CUE). Facial nuzzles, kissing with the lips, and caressing smooth, hairless terrains of skin with the fingertips (used as tactile antennae see FINGERTIP CUE), are necessary if men and women are to achieve sexual intercourse. RESEARCH REPORTS. 1. Flirtation, courtship, and seduction are labels for an exaggeratedly affiliative and submissive-like social orientation signaled chiefly by covert nonlinguistic cues that may, in many instances, culminate in sexual intercourse (Givens 1978 357). 2. Two of the most detailed analyses of the courtship process...

Fear of the Approach

When you see a girl you're attracted to, that you KNOW you want to have sex with, what happens Do you get that funny feeling down below, like when you used to climb the rope in gym class Do you imagine holding her in your arms, making sweet monkey love all night long Do you fantasize about how her breasts feel or how her lips taste Or do you just know that Girl give you raging BO-NAR

Conception Windows

Using the Male and Females dates, times and places of birth combined with the details of the actual baby they wish to conceive Astrology is used to determined the actual date and time upon which sexual intercourse needs to take place for this to happen. In the same way a mother who discovers she is to have triplets may not be able to cope and this may lead to adoption for some children, an occurrence which again could be avoided by Conception Windows by ensuring sexual intercourse takes place on a date and at a time when only one child will be conceived 07) Give you dates upon which you can have sex without the need for conventional contraception without the huge risk of becoming pregnant. 08) Give infertile couples or those experiencing problems dates times upon which to have sex to SERIOUSLY increase their chances of conceiving in the natural way


You walk around and in your mind see the girl you can see yourself having sex with. Again the first 3 scenarios or MATCHES are going to be after TARGETs rated 7 or 8 realistically. In selecting the Target, you are concerned only with your desire to have her.

The Deep Look

Deep looks should be reserved for moments when the two of you are either alone or at least isolated (like at a corner table in a restaurant) and aren't likely to be disturbed by others. Use the deep look as you ask thought-provoking questions about her life, dreams and fantasies -- or when you reveal things of a similar nature about yourself. Watch the way her eyes move is she a visual, audible or kinesthetic Mirror her viewpoint with your word choices. This is the kind of exposing of the soul that really turns her on. Remember, you must establish an ever deepening psychological bond with any woman before she will feel right about getting intimate with you. There is no shortcutting this process -- despite whatever bullshit you might've read about 'hypnotizing' women and seducing them in one afternoon. The average joe doesn't stand a chance playing such parlor tricks, except for the certain chance of making a complete fool of himself.

The Internet

Having your own blog about particular subjects is good too, because it can attract others of similar interests. Lots of women on the internet have started steamy sex blogs, where they write anonymously about their various sexual experiences and thoughts about love and romance, and they actively read other's writings about the same subject. Joining blog services such as Typepad that has its own webrings can be a good way to meet

Major Mr Mike Rule

EARLY WARNING SIGNS She starts to nag you about all sorts of stuff, little things at first, especially after you've begun having sex. Some women think once they've 'given it up' they've purchased the right to start bossing you around. Horseshit. She's getting just as much fun out of the deal as you are, don't let her retain the attitude that she's doing you some kind of favor. No dominant male stands for that. Her nagging will then expand to include your friends -- who of course are all just a bunch of clowns that she 'wishes' you wouldn't spend so much time hanging out with. Soon you will be locked at the hip and won't be able to do anything or go anywhere without her. Can you say suffocation I know guys who've disappear off the face of the friggin' earth once some controlling bitch sinks her hooks into him. You never see the poor slob without his dominatrix at his side any more puppet master and the sorry little puppet. You can't ever have a few words with him alone, she's got to be...


Accept that you will never remember interpretations for all the possible subjects and instead develop a method of consistently producing some likely sounding meaning. Decide on a policy for instance, all references to animals have to do with career moves or all dreams about fish are about your sex life - and stick to it.

Womans CODE

For men interacting with women, it has to do with the perception that she'll be a good lover, sexual attractiveness which is more likely to lead to orgasm. For women interacting with men, this has to do with his virility if he is able to both have and give her an orgasm -thus increasing her chances of conception. - Sexual level

Victim type

About her This type of girl is inexperienced. She is intensely curious about the ways of the world and about sex. She is still idealistic and wants romance. Most of her ideas of what sex and romance is like come from the media and from movies and romance novels. She is secretly intrigued by the wild side of sex and wants to experience all the things she's heard about. How to seduce her Talk about all the things that she is intrigued by, about sexuality and the kinds of things that people do sexually. Give her the hint that you are very experienced sexually and take on the frame that you are opening up a new world to her. a touch of romance with a touch of corruption. How to seduce her Give her the attention that she once had. Make her feel desirable and sexy. She wants to feel young again and she's looking for a boy toy. Let her feel like she is corrupting you as well and showing you new sexual pleasures and opening up new worlds of experience to you. Be immature and crazy and act...


This is the only book ever written that explains exactly how to make your sexual dreams come true. If you can handle the most powerful and dramatic change you'll ever make in your sex life, keep reading. The advice rings true and corresponds with my menage a trois experiences. Except for two, every young woman I dated for more than a few months revealed she was bi-curious or had sexual encounters with other young women.

Bad Karma

Lucas' second goal, well-performed magic tricks may certainly impress women (possibly), but not when accompanied by sleazy patter. The patter for the aforementioned Appearing Straw makes reference to a slang term for a sexual technique. Mr. Lucas says to a woman during the selection of a card, As I dribble the cards, just say stop. I know that's a word that's not in your vocabulary. In fact, if the goal of this tape is to show you how to pick up women using magic, Mr. Lucas proves himself to be a poor role model. Consider these two examples. Mr. Lucas begins a trick by saying to two women, Here's something my girlfriend showed me. WHAT Trust me, if you're trying to pick someone up, references to your girlfriend or wife minimize


Women's fantasies evolve and change over the course of a lifetime for all sorts of reasons. A woman's fantasy life is often a reflection of her search for sexual power, pleasure, and identity that started in childhood. We can categorize scripted fantasies according to six different roles Pretty Maiden, Victim, Wild Woman, Dominatrix, Beloved, and Voyeur. The Voyeur A woman's voyeuristic fantasy gives her a buffer zone from the erotic action, almost like a fantasy within a fantasy. A woman can enjoy the heat of a sexual scene without having to take on a particular role herself. She can remain passive in terms of the primary sexual action. The erotic tension she feels can be heightened if there's a chance she will be discovered. What a Feeling. Sexual awakening sometimes happens suddenly when real life delivers an experience that stimulates the senses in a new, unexpected way. Maybe it was feeling a jet of bath water on their vulva, or a lovely throb of sensations while seated on a...

The High Paid Hooker

What I found interesting about hypnosis was the following Once I made something my girlfriend's reality under hypnosis, she could at any time in the future make it her reality again, even while fully conscious. For instance, my girlfriend could, at any time, make it her reality that she had a penis. Also, she could, at any time, simply relax and allow her mind to provide the thrusting that her vagina craves, and she could actually have an orgasm without any stimulation whatsoever. Therefore, you should carefully select what you 'instill.' Here is an example of her keeping a suggestion even after hypnosis I hypnotized her and made it her reality that she was a high paid hooker. While she was deep in trance I said to her Tonight, you have decided to become a high paid hooker. Tonight, I am your customer, and I am going to pay you to have sex with me. You like being a high paid hooker because you find it very exciting to be paid to have sex with a man. Tonight, you are going to escort...

Soft signs

If I am eliciting sexual submission, the lower part of her body will start to move with movements very similar to the ones she would perform during sexual intercourse. Remember society has been for centuries very repressive towards female sexuality. Woman's sexual repression has also an influence on you.

Complete Script

Baby, I am going to give you a very special gift. I am going to teach you a new way for you to give yourself a total mind and body orgasm. And I won't touch you, and YOU won't even touch YOURSELF Your senses are heightened. Your senses are very acute. You are TOTALLY in touch with your body. You are COMPLETELY in touch with your ENTIRE body. Notice how you can FEEEEL your vagina. Notice how you can FEEL EVERY NERVE in your vagina. FEEL EVERY NERVE IN YOUR VAGINA with EVERY NEURON IN YOUR BRAIN. FEEL your vagina. FEEL your vagina begin to GET EXCITED. FEEL your vagina BEGIN TO LUBRICATE, as it does when your vagina BECOMES VERY EXCITED. FEEL your vagina BECOME VERY EXCITED. Feel EVERY NERVE in your vagina with EVERY NEURON IN YOUR BRAIN. And FEEL your vagina. BECOME your vagina. BECOME YOUR VAGINA And GIVE your vagina A MIND OF ITS OWN. And MAKE your vagina CONTRACT. MAKE your vagina CONTRACT NOW. CONTRACTING NOW HARD Sending PLEASURE ALL THROUGHOUT your body. CONTRACTING NOW HARD...

The Deep Spot

About seven years ago, I was dating a 22 year old woman who had never had an orgasm. She did have one long term boyfriend, so I knew that intercourse or face fuck would not do the trick. So I just took my time finding what would feel good for her. With my middle finger I searched for her g spot, but received no response. Then I decided to slide my finger in as far along the front wall of her vagina as I could. At its greatest depth, the inner diameter of the vagina increases. This area is no longer spongy, but instead smooth and firm, with slight horizontal ribbing. I curled the tip of my finger in a come hither manner, while pressing hard against the ribbing and slightly pulling down. She immediately responded to this. After continuing this for a few minutes, she had a concerned look on her face. Then the most wonderful thing happened. I watched the face of this beautiful woman while, for the first time in her life, she had an orgasm. That was sweet. She then breathlessly said David,...

Super Responsiveness

Finally, intercourse ALWAYS results in her orgasm. I continued leading her through it, and she became increasingly excited. And then, she had an orgasm. I lead her through that and she had another orgasm. Me I am going to count to 10. And when I get to 10, you are going to instantly have an orgasm. Me When I get to 10, you are going to instantly have a powerful orgasm. And you know that is going to be true, don't you Me One You are getting very excited knowing that you are going to have an orgasm when I get to 10. I continued, and right on 10, she instantly had an orgasm. I kept telling her Come Now Come Hard Keep Coming Baby I wanted to associate the Come Now command with her having an orgasm. Me I am going to say the words to you Come Now and when I do, you are going to INSTANTLY have a very powerful total mind and body orgasm. Isn't that right Baby She instantly started having an orgasm. I continued coaching her through it, hard, and she came for over a minute. So, there you have...

Coming Continuously

In the past I have hypnotized my girlfriend and 'told' her that her orgasm would seem to last a very long time, as if it went on and on and on. But it never worked 'convincingly.' I told my girlfriend under hypnosis When you come, time will seem to drag on forever. Seconds will seem like hours. etc, etc. Then I used the deep spot to make her come, and I continued the commands. She did not come any longer or shorter than usual. Later we talked about it and I asked her what it was like. She said It was like many multiple orgasms strung together. Then I asked her Did it go on for a long time She said Did it Not very convincing. I told her to get all comfy and then I hypnotized her. While she was deep in trance I said Under hypnosis, you follow my commands completely. Under hypnosis, there is only success. You have learned many things. You have learned how to come instantly when I tell you those famous words. You have learned how to come instantly when you simply tell yourself those...

Learning to Squirt

I wanted to hypnotize her so that she would be able to follow my commands without embarrassment. When she was deep in trance, I said I am going to massage the front of your deep spot, and as I do, you are going to feel an increasing urge to pee. The closer you get, the more you will feel the need to pee. You will welcome this feeling, and you will push it out. If any thought tries to stop it, you will instantly stand in front of that thought, and you will push it out. The more you push it out, the stronger your orgasm will be, and the more you will ejaculate. I asked her Do you have to pee now, like you usually do after sex She said No I said Was the orgasm different She said Yes. It was great. I could feel the cum pulsing out of my urethra. The only other time I felt that was when you hypnotized me and gave me a penis. (Maybe she ejaculated then.) All those years I was trying to stop from peeing, but in actuality, I was stopping myself from ejaculating I'm even sexier now The book...

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