You Can Now Continue As Per A Normal Show

You would now continue as if doing a normal genuine stage hypnotism show as explained elsewhere on this CD-ROM, however when giving suggestions for each of the comedy routines make sure you follow my example which follows:

"In a few moments when I tell you to AWAKEN YOURSELF then and only then you will awaken and ALLOW YOURSELF to come to the realisation that XYZ!"

This again makes it clear that the person has hypnotised themselves, is allowing themselves of their own free will to do everything and that you are merely giving them ideas of what to do whilst in a state of SELF-HYPNOSIS!

Incidentally for those who hadn't already guessed in the previous example you just substitute XYZ with whatever comedy routine suggestion you want them to act out.

From this point on just so long as your patter at all times is consistent with the idea and fact that the people have hypnotised themselves, are allowing themselves to remain in trance and are doing the things suggested of their own free will whilst in a state of self-hypnosis then you will still be covered legally. It is then just a case of waking them from trance in a manner where they appear to have done this themselves:

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