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You may be asking yourself why would anyone want to present a fake hypnosis show? Well the answer is simple really when you consider that every time you are engaged to perform a genuine Stage-Hypnotism show you must obtain permission from the local Council licensing authority for the show to go ahead.

Also consider the fact that to be granted this permission to perform a genuine Stage-Hypnotism show you must have Public Liability Insurance which covers you for the people being placed into trance and it is now very difficult to obtain such insurance and the reasons for performing a fake Hypnotism show become even more apparent.

However if we were to present a show called "MINDGAMES"

Upon the advertising posters for which it said "All the fun of a Hypnosis show with NO Hypnosis!" and stated that you the performer are an "IMAGINATIONIST" and/or "MIND MAGICIAN" as opposed to a Stage Hypnotist then the question of it being a Hypnotism show would never enter into the equation.

Therefore as you are not advertised as a Hypnotist and are apparently not going to be Hypnotising anybody there is no need to ever apply for permission from the Council for your shows to go ahead.

This means that as you have not needed to apply for permission you are in no way restricted by the 1952 Hypnotism Act which is detailed elsewhere on this CD-ROM.

In otherwords just so long that you are never advertised as being a Hypnotist and you never claim to have Hypnotised anybody who volunteers during the show then you are legally allowed to perform such stunts as Catalepsy which would not be allowed under normal circumstances when working as a Hypnotist with permission from the local Council.

From a legal point of view, to cover yourself further I would also have printed upon the posters in very small print (near the bottom where it is almost unnoticeable) the following statement:

"Volunteers who must be aged 18 or over may leave the stage at any time of their own free will during this demonstration which is presented for Scientific & Research purposes only!"

Read the GENUINE HYPNOTISM COURSE elsewhere on this CD-ROM and you will realise that the above statement is made up of two separate statements linked together.

The first statement of: "Volunteers who must be aged 18 or over may leave the stage at any time of there own free will" is what you would be required by law to have printed on your posters if you were a genuine Hypnotist and were obtaining permission from the local Council.

The second statement of: "During this demonstration, which is presented for Scientific & Research purposes only!" means that you are stating that your performance is a demonstration and not a show! Also it states that you are presenting it for Scientific and Research purposes only.

This means that you are now exploiting the loophole which can be found in section five of the 1952 Hypnotism Act, namely that you do not need any form of permission or license to perform a genuine Stage-Hypnotism show if presenting it for Scientific and/or Research purposes.

As I understand it the dictionary definition of Research is collecting data, therefore if you get all the people who volunteer and participate in your show to fill in a questionnaire at the end of your performance then you are collecting data!

And as I understand it if you are collecting data such as this, with the intention that you will at a later date publish your findings, then you can legally claim to be doing research and as such are legally covered doing a genuine Stage-Hypnotism show even without obtaining permission from the council.

Therefore presenting a fake Hypnotism show, using no genuine Hypnosis in the manner explained should present no legal problems whatsoever!

After your show is finished and before everyone leaves the venue, have all the participants complete a questionnaire asking them such things as:

01) Their Name, Address and Contact Details?

02) Have they ever been hypnotised before?

03) If so was it at a Stage Show, in therapy or both?

04) What was the experience of hypnotising themselves in front of an audience like?

05) Did they find it easy to hypnotise themselves?

06) Would they be prepared to hypnotise themselves again in the future?

07) Would you please confirm that you were fully aware of everything going on around you at all times whilst in a state of self-hypnosis?

08) Finally would you please confirm that you volunteered to participate in this evenings demonstration of the powers of self-hypnosis and as such all sensations/feelings and results of self-hypnosis which you experience are your own doing and own full responsibility?

09) Now please sign and date the form here as confirmation that your answers are true & correct and also to confirm that the performer has given you a FREE "Learn Self-Hypnosis" Audio Tape in exchange for your participation in tonight's demonstration:_

When placed together to make the statement which is printed at the bottom of your posters in very small wording (almost too small to be noticeable) of:

"Volunteers who must be aged 18 or over may leave the stage at any time of their own free will during this demonstration which is presented for Scientific & Research purposes only!"


The other loophole which we shall be exploiting from the 1952 Hypnotism Act is the fact that it states that it does not in any manner prohibit the use of self-hypnosis.

This also means that it does not prohibit the teaching of self-hypnosis and as such instead of hypnotising people as a genuine Stage Hypnotist would do, we instead just teach people how to hypnotise themselves.

These people are ALL VOLUNTEERS and are all OVER AGE OF 18 (age of consent) and as such the moment they volunteer and agree to be taught self-hypnosis with the aim of becoming the stars of this evenings demonstration you are covered legally.

The questionnaire as worded earlier also protects you against any future legal repercussions as upon it they have given their name, contact details and by signing and dating the form at the end have agreed to all the answers they have given to the questions which as such makes this a legally binding document, as it could be argued in a court of law that if they later denied or contradicted what they had signed to then THEY MUST HAVE MADE A FRAUDULENT STATEMENT which would take the legal responsibility away from you instantly.

Read the questionnaire questions very carefully and you will see that they are worded in such a manner their answers prove in writing that you DID NOT HYPNOTISE THEM!

They are also worded in such a manner that their answers also prove beyond reasonable doubt that THEY DID INDEED HYPNOTISE THEMSELVES!

And best of all question eight is worded in such a manner that once they have signed the form, which of course you retain in your files: THEY HAVE THEN AGREED IN WRITING THAT ANY SIDE EFFECTS (results) AND/OR CONSEQUENCES (results) WHICH THEY MAY LATER CLAIM ARE THEIR OWN DOING & RESPONSIBILTY!!

This alone means that they can never make a claim against you for compensation claiming to have been affected by taking part in the show and being hypnotised as you have never hypnotised them, they did it themselves! Also they have signed and thereby legally agreed to take full responsibility for any results caused by the self-hypnosis.

Logically this means that, as they can never claim to have been hypnotised and have agreed to take full responsibility for any results (consequences) then you do not need Public Liability

Insurance which covers people whilst they are Hypnotised which is the type of insurance which is now either very expensive and/or almost impossible to obtain!

You would however be foolhardy to perform without any Insurance at all as the unforeseen does occasionally occur. But if you proceed as I have advised then the only Public Liability Insurance cover which you need is that which covers incidents such as people breaking their leg, falling off the stage or a speaker falling on them and suchlike!

This kind of Public Liability Insurance cover is automatically included in your yearly subscription as an Equity member. For more details of the Showbiz trade union Equity and how to gain membership with the greatest of ease please see the GENUINE HYPNOSIS course elsewhere on this CD-ROM.

Ultimately though this means that you will as an Equity member have Public Liability Insurance Cover to the tune of Five Million Pounds for a yearly subscription fee as little at the time of writing as £60-00 per annum.

And most importantly as doing things as explained in the eyes of the law YOU WILL NOT BE HYPNOTISING ANYONE then this Equity Insurance will cover you for anything that the volunteers and/or audience could legally make a compensation claim for!

It will also look good on your publicity materials when it states that you have Five Million Pounds of Public Liability Insurance and as a professional entertainer are a member of Equity.

Performing shows in the devious (but legal) manner that I am explaining will also mean that you never need to join any so called Professional Body for Hypnotists as when all said and done you will never be advertising yourself as a Hypnotist or ever claiming to Hypnotise anyone.

You can legally cover yourself even more by having a statement (disclaimer) such as the example that follows recorded as a voice over on the music which is played before you are introduced and brought on stage:

"Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to MINDGAMES the show they tried to ban. In a few moments time we shall be introducing your host for this evening, Outrageous Mind Magician Jonathan Royle."

"During this evenings show we shall be asking for volunteers who are willing to be taught self-hypnosis and then place themselves into a relaxed state using their new skills in self-hypnosis"

"All participants must be volunteers over the age of 18 as you will be required to take full responsibility for your own Physical and Psychological wellbeing before, during and after this evenings show!"

"No one will be expected to remove any article of clothing or do anything which they do not wish to do, as together we can enjoy all the fun of a Hypnotism show without your host ever hypnotising anyone!"

"So please put your hands together and welcome live on stage, Britain's Most Outrageous Mind Magician, The Amazing Jonathan Royle!"

This disclaimer which also serves as your Introduction at the start of your show is as I am sure you have noticed worded to clarify several things:

01) They will be VOLUNTEERS.

02) They must be over age of 18.

03) You will not be hypnotising anyone, rather you will only be teaching him or her self-hypnosis.

04) The Volunteers will all be hypnotising themselves.

05) They must all take responsibility for both their Physical and Mental wellbeing before, during and after this evenings show!

This means that if they volunteer they are doing so in full knowledge that they have agreed by volunteering to take full responsibility for themselves both Mentally & Physically before, during and after the show!

This means that as they have accepted responsibility by volunteering they can not later blame you for anything which they may claim occurs and as such cannot make any form of compensation claim against you.

This fact of course is concreted further when they sign the questionnaire at the end of the show, which you keep and file as your later proof (if ever called for) that they now have no Legal basis for any form of compensation claim against you.

Another thing I do is to have a small portable mini-disc recorder with me at all shows which is wired into my P.A System so that it records everything that is said during the show when it is said through the Radio Microphone which I am using.

I start this recording a few seconds before I start the opening music (with voice over) to my show and let it continue for the first half (one hour duration) of my show.

As the mini discs are not long enough to record the entire show during the interval I change the disc for a new one in order that just as with the first half, after the interval I can record the entire second hour of my performance from start to finish!

This means that I have recorded proof that before my show everyone heard the voice over disclaimer and that everyone who volunteered was a volunteer!

It also means that my opening patter to the audience has been recorded which also serves as another disclaimer and within which would say something such as:

"Well good evening ladies and gentlemen my name is Jonathan Royle and I am both a Mind Magician and also your host for this evenings show!"

"Nobody here this evening will ever be hypnotised, well at least not in a conventional sense. In otherwords I shall not be hypnotising anybody here this evening who volunteers to take part in this evenings show!"

"Instead I will be teaching all the volunteers who must be over the age of 18 how to hypnotise themselves!"

"Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen tonight we are going to enjoy all the fun and laughter of a Comedy Stage Hypnotism show but I will not be hypnotising anyone instead I will teach you how to hypnotise yourself."

"Because of this all volunteers will be expected to take full responsibility for their own Mental & Physical safety & wellbeing at all times!"

"After the show all those who volunteer will be given a valuable FREE GIFT (This acts as an incentive _ for people to volunteer and take _part in the show!) And will be required to complete a short questionnaire about their experiences during tonight's show!"

"So in short if you volunteer and come up here on stage of your own free will then you are agreeing to this and also agreeing to let me teach you self-hypnosis so that you may place yourself into a lovely relaxed state of mind and body where your imagination is enhanced and your inhibitions reduced."

"Every person in this room here tonight is capable of hypnotising themselves but only if they sincerely want to."

"As such I am looking for volunteers tonight who want to learn self-hypnosis, who are then willing to hypnotise themselves and as a result be one of the stars of this evenings show!"

"So if you have good powers of Intelligence, Imagination and Concentration, are over the age of 18, want to volunteer to learn self-hypnosis and have the Genuine, Sincere and Honest intention of taking part in this evenings comedy show them please make your way towards the stage area now!"

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