Jonathan Royle is the greatest Mind Magician of them all Halleluiah

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And then they will sit down and wonder what the hell they have been doing and why they have been doing it.

This means that when everyone is awoken from trance you can send them back to the audience and have a little fun with them there.

By playing some snippets of the music already used earlier in the show the volunteers will react as they did earlier but this time do the funny things where they are in the audience.

Then after a few minutes of this you can start your end of show patter for example as follows:

"Well Ladies & Gentlemen as you have probably already guessed with Self-Hypnosis almost anything can happen."

"All that happens when you are in a state of self-hypnosis is that the imagination is enhanced by 10 times sometimes as much as 100 times, so that what is one minute purely imaginary, the next minute seems very real indeed."

"As I am sure you will agree our excellent volunteers tonight have all been Superstars in their own right and to reward them, could all those people who volunteered during the show please come and see me afterwards as I have a valuable gift I'd like to give you as a thank you for taking part!"

"So once again Ladies & Gentlemen thank you for coming this evening and for those who have enjoyed the show my names Jonathan Royle and for those who haven't my names Paul McKenna!"

"Thank you and GOODNIGHT!"

The very moment you say the trigger word (Post Hypnotic) of Goodnight your volunteers will all jump up onto their chairs shouting out:

"Jonathan Royle is the greatest Mind Magician of them all Hallelujah!"

This both draws a huge final laugh from the audience and also gives you the opportunity to leave the stage in a clean, polished and professional manner without the last minute problem of getting the volunteers back to their seats.

When your end of show music (Play Off) is finished you can then make a quick voice over stating:

"Could all those who volunteered during this evenings show please report to the stage area NOW (or other suitable meeting point) to pick up their FREE GIFT & fill in a short questionnaire!"

This entices all the volunteers to come back to get their FREE GIFT, which means that you can then get them to fill in the questionnaire and sign it before giving them their free gift.

The gift to give them is a FREE copy of your "Learn Self-Hypnosis" audio tape, you can tell them they have to sign the questionnaire first as proof that you have given them their "Learn Self-Hypnosis" tape and indeed by giving them this tape and getting them to sign the questionnaire in exchange for it you have further proof that you never hypnotised them!

As the questionnaire is worded such that they have accepted the FREE audio tape IN EXCHANGE for taking part in the show, it may be a valid Legal Argument to say that by signing and accepting the audio tape IN EXCHANGE for taking part that they cannot at a later date try and obtain (in any manner) any other form of payment, remuneration and/or compensation from you?

Don't worry if occasionally someone disappears without signing the questionnaire as your mini disc recording will prove that at the start of the show they were informed about needing to complete it and agreed to do so at the end of the show, and also it proves that at the end of the show you did a voice over to remind all participants to return to the stage area.

And above all proceeding as I've suggested you'd still have more than enough Legal defence against any potential claims, but its always better (where possible) to get all the questionnaires signed as these are your proof of collecting data enabling the "Research Purposes" ploy to be used in avoiding the need to apply for Council Permission to perform.

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