1. Have the deck shuffled, then take it back. Hold the cards with the faces towards you so that only you can see them, saying, "I'm going to remove a really poor poker hand." Spread through and upjog the Royal Flush in Spades. Strip them out and catch a break over the lower four cards as you place them to the rear of the deck, then turn the deck face-down doing SRS.

Push off the top five cards and drop them face-down on the table. These are apparently the five cards you just removed. Place the deck face-down on the table. There are four flush cards face-up at the bottom of the deck. The other flush card is at the back of the tabled packet.

2. Pick up the packet, saying, "Let's examine our really poor poker hand." Hold it face-down in dealing position in readiness for a variation of Steve Hamilton's reversal sequence:

Pull out the bottom card from the front and turn it face-up on top— turning the card end for end and naming it out loud (Fig.1).

Repeat this with three more cards so you have turned over four.

You apparently turn over the final card, but in fact you grasp the complete packet and, simulating the same actions, turning the packet over end for end (Fig.2). The other flush card is face-up on top. Say, "Not much of a poker hand, eh?"

3. Drop the packet (apparently five face-up cards) on top of the deck and give the cards a complete cut. Tap the deck, then ribbon spread revealing the Royal Flush in Spades, saying, "Now that's what I call a really good poker hand!"

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