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The Queen of Diamonds finds a selected card

This involves a placement that combines the old differential principle with the Principle of Nine. The use of the Queen of Diamonds to arrive at a number deep down in the deck is taken from Roy Walton's "The Magic Queen of Diamonds" (Magic, April 1992).


1. Remove the Queen of Diamonds and place it to one side, then give the deck to a spectator for shuffling, saying, "Think of any number between ten and twenty and to create a physical representation of your number please deal that many cards into a pile on the table. I'll turn away and you deal quietly so I can't count."

Now say, "Using the principles of numerology, add the two digits of your secret number to get a new total." For example, if he removed thirteen cards, that will be 1 + 3 = 4.

2. Turn round and pick up the balance of the deck. Push off nine cards into a fan and hold them up facing the spectator. Ask him to count along from the face and remember the card that lies at his newly arrived-at total.

Now riffle down with your left thumb and open the deck anywhere near the middle and insert the nine cards (Fig. 1). As you push them in, obtain a little finger break above them, then give the deck a complete cut at the break to bring the nine cards back to the top.

3. Pick up the Queen of Diamonds, saying, "This Queen is a witch with all-knowing powers. I'll lose her into the deck." Place her face-up on top of the deck then Double Cut the card to the bottom.

You are seemingly about to proceed when you remember the cards that the spectator counted off at the beginning. So you say, "Oh, she needs a full deck to work her sorcery." Have the packet placed on top, then give the deck a complete cut.

4. Finally spread the cards and cut the face-up Queen to the top, saying, "The Queen of Diamonds. That's all we need. Just her name." Lay the Queen aside.

Spell, T-H-E Q-U-E-E-N O-F D-I-A-M-O-N-D-S dealing one card for each letter into a pile on the table. Now ask the spectator to name his card, then turn over the card now on top of the deck to conclude.

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