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A spectator chooses a card which remains in the middle of the deck. A second spectator now chooses an "invisible" card. The invisible card becomes visible and proves to be the first spectator's selection! Noticing that it's the Ten of Spades, you say, "You know, if you added four specific cards to that you'd have a great poker hand." At that, you respread the deck revealing the Ace, King, Queen and Jack of Spades!

Prior to starting this trick secretly reverse the Ace, King, Queen and Jack of Spades on the bottom of the deck, then place the Ten of Spades at the face (facing the same way as the deck).

From this initial set-up you can shuffle the cards retaining the bottom stock. When you want to perform the trick, simply Double Cut the bottom card (Ten spot) to the top. You are now set.


1. Hold the deck face-down in dealing grip and Slip Cut the top card into the middle, keeping a break below it, then square the deck.

2. Riffle down the outer left corner and invite a spectator to call stop. Using the standard Riffle Force, lift off the upper section and ask him to remember the card at the face (Ten spot). As you replace the section send the selection to the bottom using Final Control (see Vol. 1, p. 15).

3. Snap your fingers over the deck then turn to a second spectator, saying, "I've just made his card invisible! Now I want you to try to pick it out."

Spread the cards and invite him to touch the spread. Break the spread at this point and ask him to take the invisible card. Of course he takes nothing. Execute a Spread Half-Pass as you close the spread. Tell him to mime the actions of turning his invisible face-up, as which point you look at the other spectator and say, "Does that look like your card?" Have the invisible card put back into the middle of the squared deck.

4. Ask the first spectator to name his card, then spread the cards revealing his card is now face-up in the middle (take care not to spread any more than three cards after it), as you say, "Well, look at that! He got the right card after all."

5. Act as if the trick is over, as you break the spread above the face-up card then thumb the card onto the table. All heat is off you at this moment, so flip the right-hand section face-up onto the left hand section, then turn your left hand over and place the deck face-down on the table.

Finally, say, "I see you picked the Ten of Spades? You know, if you added four specific cards to that you'd have a great poker hand."

Ribbon spread the cards across the table revealing the Royal Flush.

Note: An alternative for steps 1. and 2. is simply to use a Hindu Shuffle Force of the Ten of Spades on the bottom of the deck, then pick up a break under that half as you replace it, and Double Cut to the break. Then proceed as in the original.

Chapter 25

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