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A "Twisting the Aces" sequence with Kings, which culminates in a strange sequence in which the Kings appear to be connected with their color mates.

SET-UP: Remove the four Kings and arrange them as follows, reading from back to face: KH-KS-KC-KD



1. Show the four Kings one by one using the following end-over-end handling of Steve Hamilton's "Twisting the Aces" set-up, in his 2000 lecture notes A.K.A. which can also be found in Peter Duffie's Virtual Miracles (2000):

a) With the packet held face-down in the left hand, your right fingers pull out the bottom card and turn it face-up on top to show the King of Diamonds (Fig.1).

b) Repeat with the next two cards: King of Clubs and King of Spades.

c) As the right hand covers the packet to take the last card, the left thumb pushes the top card to the right, so that the right hand can take all three remaining cards, at the outer left corner, as one, and turn them face-up on top to display the King of Hearts (Fig.2).

d) Turn the packet face-down again.

This leaves the cards in a new order, from top to bottom:

Face-down King of Spades - face-up King of Clubs Diamonds - face-down King of Hearts.

face-up King of

2. Give the packet a twist, then Elmsley Count to show the King of Clubs has turned face-up.

3. Twist again, then Elmsley Count (last card to bottom) to show the King of Diamonds has turned face-up. Triple Turn-over to turn the King of Diamonds face-down.

4. Twist once more, then Elmsley Count to show the King of Hearts has turned face-up. Turn the King of Hearts face-down again, but execute Robverse with the card above it.

5. A final twist, then Elmsley Count (last card to bottom), but the King of Spades refuses to turn over. Repeat, but the King of Spades still refuses to turn face-up.

6. Turn the top card—the King of Clubs—face-up, then spread to show its color mate, the King of Spades, has turned face-up in sympathy.

7. Triple Turn-over to supposedly turn the King of Clubs face-down, then pull out the bottom card, the King of Diamonds, and turn it face-up on top. Spread to show that its color mate, the King of Hearts, has also turned face-up .

8. Repeat step 7 to make the red Kings turn to black again.

9. Repeat step 7 once more to cause the black Kings to turn to red again. These sequences are done with speed, as if it bewilders even you.

10. Slow the pace. Spread the packet and do Robverse as you turn the King of Hearts face-down. Then deliberately turn the top card, the King of Diamonds, face-down.

Finally, spread to show that the King of Spades is finally face-up all by itself!

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