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You dribble the cards face-up from hand to hand and a spectator calls stop. The cards at the face of each half are noted, then both halves are placed face-to-face. When you respread the cards both cards have vanished! The first selection now appears face-up in the middle of the deck. Handing the deck to the spectator, she now spells the name of the first selection and the second selection appears face-up on the final letter!

This is a variation of Alex Elmsley's "Infinity: Round Trip" that appeared in Collected Works of Alex Elmsley, Vol.1. (L & L, 1991). Roy Walton has also published a method for this plot. The method used here is closely related to Ed Marlo's "Double Vanish & Recovery" (Deck Deception, 1942).


1. Hold the deck face-up and begin to spread the cards, saying, "We're going to use two cards—one for me and one for you. My card will be very easy to remember—I'll make it an Ace."

As you spread through the deck, crimp the corner of the eleventh card, then continue running through and transfer the Ace of Spades to the back (if it happens to be among the first eleven cards simply ignore it in your count, then remove it after crimping the card). Finally, before closing the spread, downjog the third card from the rear, then close up the spread and turn the deck face-down into dealing position.

2. Flip the Ace face-up and get a break under the top three cards by lifting up on the injog, as you say, "This is my card. It goes on the face of the deck." As you speak, lift off all three cards as one with your right hand, then flip the deck face-up with your left hand and place the triple on the face.

3. Lift the deck with your right hand in a Biddle grip and ask a lady to call stop as you dribble the cards into your left hand. Do this slowly so that she stops you somewhere near the middle. When she does, pause and ask her to remember the card on top of the left-hand section. Let's say it's the Jack of Hearts.

Place the right-hand section onto the left section but keep it stepped to the right so both cards are visible. Say, "Your card—the Jack of Hearts, and my card—the Ace of Spades. Let's introduce them to one another"

Flip the upper section face-down onto the lower section (Fig.1). "Our cards are now kissing,"you say, slightly suggestively.

4. "Maybe they'll fall in love and elope? In fact they may have already done that." Spread the deck between your hands and stop once you reach the face-up section—you can afford to push over the first face-up card. The spectator's card has vanished. Now lift the face-down cards and turn them over to show that your Ace has also vanished.

Allow the effect to register, then turn the right hand cards face up, replace the right hand section on the left, then square the deck.

5. Turn the deck face-down, saying, "Watch, I'll bring both cards back." Wave your hand over the deck then spread the cards from hand to hand revealing the Ace of Spades face-up in the middle. Look at the card, then say, "Well, only my card came back. Your card must be the shy one..."

As you speak, flip the Ace face-down executing Robverse with the card above it, then replace the upper section keeping a little finger break between the halves, then cut the section below the break to the top and retain a break between the sections.

Continue, saying, "...Maybe my card can coax your card into the open."

As you speak, locate the crimp and lift off all the cards up to and including the crimped card. Pull down on the break with your left little finger and insert this section into the break and square up.

6. Finally, hand the deck to the spectator and ask her to spell your card— A-C-E O-F S-P-A-D-E-S—dealing one card for each letter onto the table.

Her card will appear face-up on top of the deck after the final letter.

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