The Jog Switch is used to get into position for the Interlocked Principle. The next chapter contains a full treatise on the Jog Switch.


1. Spread the deck face-up between your hands and invite a spectator to touch any card. Injog the card, then secretly pick up the next card behind it (this is the Jog Switch—see next chapter for details of this move). Square the right hand spread against the left hand section and hold it still as you ask the spectator if that's the card he wants.

2. Now replace the right section so that the injogged card aligns with the left section (Fig. 1), then turn the complete stepped deck face-down, end-for-end.

POSITION CHECK: You have the deck in your left hand. The top half is stepped forward and the selection is at the bottom of this section.

3. Tilt your hand to show the selection one more time, then riffle the outer end of the outjogged section, as you ask, "How many cards would you say there are here?" Regardless of his reply, move the upper section inwards slightly then out and on to the

table—the selection is loaded second from the top of the other section via the Interlocked move.

4. Pause, look at the tabled pile, then say, "So your card lies 24 (or whatever) cards down. Now if I put these on top it now lies 52 cards down!" Drop the cards in your hand on top so the complete deck is on the table.

Finally lift off the top card and turn it face-up, saying, "We'll use this card as a catalyst." Give it to the spectator and ask him to tap the deck with it, then to turn over the top card. He should be surprised to find his selection has risen to the top. Alternatively, you can Double Lift to show the card is immediately on top without using the "catalyst."


These are in case you're worried than an eagle-eyed spectator might notice the cards behind the card they chose, then later see it has vanished after you add it behind the chosen card.


1. When the spectator points to a card, immediately shove the next card over to cover the card to its left. Then when you do the Jog Switch (either Injog or Outjog, whichever is more comfortable), add that 2nd card behind the chosen card, rather than the card immediately to its left.


This is an especially easy application of the Jog Switch to get in place for the Interlocked Principle.

1. Spread the cards with backs outwards toward the spectators, faces toward yourself. When they stop you on any card, upjog it, making it clear it's the card that they chose. If not, let them choose again.

2. Now use the Jog Switch process to add a card behind it in the process of dropping your hands to display the cards face-up. Then shift the hands so the chosen card is on the face of the left cards and you're set for the Interlocked Principle.

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