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A quick impromptu trick where two pairs of cards each "create" a card that combines them.

The idea of setting a card up for an open plunger is inspired by Gavin Ross's "Auto-Plunger" that appeared in his booklet of the same name (1994). This effect is based on Gavin's "Autoplunger 5."


1. Have a spectator shuffle a deck then take it face-up into dealing grip.

2. Spread through and look for any two cards together of the same suit— a very easy task! Don't let more than a quarter of the deck go by before you locate them. If you do need to go further then cut some of the face cards to the back of the deck first.

Let's assume you find two Diamond cards. Injog the first of these cards, then secretly pick up the second behind it (Jog Switch), and lay this upper section on the table (make a mental note of the value of this second card prior to picking it up—let's say it's the Ace of Diamonds).

3. Spread some more until you come to a card of the same value as the noted card—an Ace in this case. Downjog this card and lay it and the cards above it on the table to the left of the first packet. There is no added card this time, but it should look exactly the same as when you secretly added a card with the first packet.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 again with a different pair of cards of the same suit (not necessarily the same as the first time), and a different matching card. Let's say you found two Clubs and the hidden card is the Jack of Clubs. You should virtually always be able to find cards that will work. At worst, you might have to cut a few of the face cards to the back if you don't come upon a pair quickly enough. Eyeball to make sure you have a card of the same value somewhere in the remaining cards. If not, pick a different pair of like suit cards to use.

Note: Though this sounds complex, a few run-throughs will make it clear. The process is similar to the variations necessary to cull cards into proper position for Larry Jennings' classic "Prefiguration."

Lay these two packets down to the left of the first two packets, then lay the remaining cards aside face-down.

Position as seen by audience: There are four face-up piles on the table, each with their bottom (?) card pulled backwards toward the magician so that the spectators can easily see their identity.

5. Pick up the pile on your far left as you say, "Here we have a Jack..." Flip the pile face-down sideways into the left hand, so the Jack is still downjogged. Then pick up the pile to its right, saying "...and here we have a Club."

Lay this pile face-up on top of the left hand cards so both injogged cards align. "A Club..." Flip the packet over sideways. "And a Jack. Now, if we physically combine both these cards, something amazing happens."

At that, push both injogged cards into the deck causing the trapped card to pop out face-down from the front. Remove it and turn it face-up, saying, "We get the Jack of Clubs." Lay it on the table, then casually turn the face-up cards in the left hand face-down and drop the pile on top of the face-down cards set aside earlier.

6. Repeat step 5 with the remaining two piles in order to create the Ace of Diamonds.

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