The Intruder

A suit "Family" instantly locates any intruder.


give the cards to a spectator and request him to carry out as many of these mixes as he likes. "No matter how you mix up the family, they always recognize their own," you say.

3. Turn to a second spectator and ask, "Would you mind picking someone to be an intruder?" Tell him to pick up the main deck and remove any card of a contrasting color to the suit being used. The deck is now discarded.

4. Take the suit packet and hold it face-down in Biddle grip. Ask the spectator who picked the card to drop it face-up at any time: you pull off the top and bottom cards together and drop the pair on the table (Fig.1). Do this again, until he drops the card on top. When he does, pull off one more pair from top and bottom, then drop any remaining cards on top. There are really only five points where he can drop the card—the fifth is on top! But even that is OK.

Pick up the packet and give it a few straight cuts, but in doing so, try to place the face-up card near the middle—at least three cards on top of it. Say, "The way things are, it is very easy to spot the intruder. But if we turn it face-down, it's impossible to detect." Spread the packet revealing the face-up card and flip it face-down doing a Multiple RV (in this case, the two cards above it get reversed).

5. Say, "This is the clever bit, because the cards will indicate where the intruder is, and what's more, he will be removed without me even touching the cards!" Tap the packet and spread, revealing two face-up cards. Cut these to the top. Draw attention to their values and add them together—the total will be eleven. Turn them face-down on top of the packet then give the cards to a spectator.

Ask him to count eleven cards one by one from top to bottom—he retains the eleventh card in his hand. Ask him to turn it over—it's the intruder— take back the packet, as you say, "What did I tell you, the card has been removed without my even touching the cards!"

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