The Infallible Foolable Kings

The two black Kings successfully find two selected cards. This comes as a big surprise to all due to an initial glaring error.


1. Remove the two black Kings and leave them face-up on the table, saying, "The black Kings are collectors—they collect playing cards."

2. Have a spectator (A) select a card, then control it to the top. Have a second spectator (B) select a card, then control it to the top above the first selection. Finally add an extra card to the top (this can be done as you control the second card). So, the position is: a random card on top of the deck, followed by spectator B's card, then spectator A's card.

3. Obtain a break under the top card as you pick up the Kings with your right hand. Place the Kings face-up on top of the deck, then pick off all three cards. Immediately pull the upper King onto the deck so it's outjogged. Then place the remaining double on top so it's injogged (Fig.1).

Say, "Let's see if they can start collecting." Grip the injogged double at the inner end and push it forward until it aligns with the outjogged King. Now pull the top half of the deck inwards and then replace it on top. This places the outjogged card into the middle. Finally push them flush.

Note: The above actions emulate the Kosky Switch without a middle card.

4. Spread the cards from hand to hand revealing a face-down card has appeared between the two face-up Kings. Remove the three card sandwich with your right hand and turn your hand to reveal the face of the trapped card, saying, "There you are, the Nine of Diamonds (or whatever)."

Note: Do not actually say that you think it is a selection. Let the audience assume that it is. The two spectators who picked cards won't dispute it at this time because each will think that you've found the other's card! At this stage, just don't offer any chance for them to say, that's not my card.

5. As you're showing the card obtain a break under the top two cards of the deck. Place the sandwich on top, pick up the two cards from the break, then do the Kosky Switch. But, do not remove the cards—leave the cards outjogged on top of the deck.

Again pull the top half of the deck inwards then put it back on top to place the outjogged cards in the middle. Then push them flush.

6. Spread the cards from hand to hand revealing that the Kings have now caught a second card. Remove the four card sandwich and place the deck on the table.

Turn to either spectator and say, "First the Kings found your card—the Nine of Diamonds (name the card that you showed previously)." He will say it wasn't his card, "Oh," you say, turning to the other spectator, "it was your card?" Again he will say no.

"This is the first time the Kings have failed. In fact I was quite convinced they were infallible. Obviously not! Anyway, let's see if they found the second card."

Pull out the upper face-down card and turn it over. Spectator B will tell you that this is indeed his card.

Act as if it's over—a 50% success. Then turn to spectator A, and ask, "By the way, what was your card?" After he names it, remove the other card, pause, then snap it face-up revealing it to be the correct card.

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