The Fan Dancing Queens

Three cards are selected and cut back into the deck. Taking half the deck in your other hand, you make a one-handed fan which you wave over the other half. Instantly, the four Queens appear face-up on top. Interlaced between the Queens are three face-down cards. These prove to be the selections.

A multiple sandwich effect inspired by Roy Walton's "The Collectors." The Flip-over Color Change using the fan is old and we have no idea whom to credit.

Before you begin, bend up the inner left corner of the top card of the deck, then place the four Queens face-down on top. The crimp should allow you to establish a break below the Queens at any time.


1. Begin by saying, "Did any of you ever see the wonderful movie 'The Right Stuff?' It was about the beginning of the U.S. astronaut program. At the end there was a lovely scene where the astronauts and their wives were watching what must be the most beautiful fan dancing scene of all time, performed by the delightful Sally Rand. Both men and women were entranced. Though I can't recreate that magic moment, I will show you the Famous Fan Dancing Queens. But first you need to take three cards."

After a couple of shuffles that retain the top stock, Double Cut the top Queen to the bottom. Now spread the deck between your hands and invite three spectators to each touch a card. Outjog each card as it is touched. Close the spread and catch a break under the top card as you do so.

2. Pull out the three outjogged selections and place them face-up on the deck. Immediately grasp all four cards in a right hand Biddle grip, then pick up one more card and retain a thumb break above it. You now carry out a Kosky Switch variant as follows:

a) Pull the first selection onto the deck so it's outjogged.

b) Pull the second selection onto the deck so it's square with the deck.

c) Place the remaining block of three on top of all so it's injogged.

d) Move the block of three forward square with the deck and release the lower face-down card (easy due to the break) on top of the middle selection, then continue moving the remaining two cards forward until they align with the outjogged card.

Pause at this point.

3. Ask each spectator to hold out a hand. With your right hand remove the three outjogged cards, and touch them against each of their hands, saying, "You are now connected to the card you picked." Replace the three cards on top of the deck then Double Cut the bottom card to the top, saying, "Your cards are lost somewhere in here. But they won't be lost for long because the four ladies in this deck will find them for us by doing their famous fan dance."

As you are speaking, catch a little finger break above the crimped card.

4. With your left first finger push in the bottom half of the deck and take it with your right hand—thumb on top and fingers below (Fig.1). Once this section is clear of the other cards make a one-handed fan with the backs of the cards towards the audience, saying, "Here's the fan " (Fig.2).

You now pass the fan up then down in front of the deck. As you do this your right first and second fingers clip the lower edge of the block of cards above the break, while your left fingers release it (Fig.3), and the block is flipped over as you move the fan down, then up (Figs.4 & 5). Now bring the fan down again revealing a face-up Queen, as you continue, saying, "...and here's the fan dance!"

Pause for effect as you place the fan on the table. Finally spread the Queens showing three face-down cards trapped between them. Reveal these as the three selections.

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