The 30 Card Unicycle Stack

The other interesting order that Iain found for a one-shuffle recycle was a 30 card stack. For this you need five of each value, as the stack is made up of chains of five. Using the values one through six, you can create the following example:


As in the sixteen-card version, the stack recycles after one Out Faro, or Out Reverse Faro. Dealing of piles would be too laborious.

Devising applications for these stacks is no easy task due to the irregular arrangement of the cards. Also, even though each chain behaves consistently within itself, as a group they all move in varying rotations.

The sixteen-card stack can be created with any deck of cards, and we have included a trick next utilizing this stack. The thirty-card stack cannot be made from a regular deck of playing cards. An expanded ESP deck with thirty cards could be used. Or, perhaps, number cards, alphabet card or cards with pictures or colors are possibilities. "The Unicycle Stack" is a tool awaiting further use. Meanwhile we hope you enjoy the following routine.

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