A prediction plus a card location based on the Principle of Nine.


1. Spread through the deck and spot any Ten (we'll assume it's Spades), then push over nine more cards and cut at that point. This places the Ten tenth from the top of the face-down deck. Take a piece of paper and write the name of the card—"TEN OF SPADES." Place this with the writing hidden on the table calling it a prediction.

2. Turn to a spectator and say, "I'm going to show you a trick I invented when I was a teenager. First, you've got to guess what age I was. So think of any age between ten and twenty and to create a physical representation of your number please deal that many cards into a pile on the table. I'll turn away and you deal quietly so I can't count. By the way, if you guess the wrong age the trick won't work, but I've got complete confidence in your psychic abilities."

Once he's done that, continue, saying, "Now look at and remember the card that's on top of the deck and leave it there. Finally pick up the cards you dealt and drop them back on top to bury your card. Now only you know where your card is."

Turn round and take the deck and give it a Jog Shuffle, saying, "Now nobody knows where your cards is!"

3. The trick now moves into its climax as follows:

a) Ask him to think of his secret age/number and to add the digits together to give him a numerological figure! If he thought of sixteen, that's 1+6 =7.

Tell him to count off that many cards into a pile and turn over the final card. Note how many cards he deals—in this example he will deal seven.

He will turn over the Ten of Spades. Turn over your prediction to show it's correct.

b) Say, "That was the easy part. That always works. Finding your card is the difficult part and will only work if you guessed my correct age. Well, I was sixteen years old when I invented this trick. What did you think?"

He'll say sixteen. Act both surprised and delighted at the spectator's psychic powers. (To get the age simply take one away from the number of cards he just dealt and place it in front of the remainder.)

Finally draw attention to the Ten spot that you just predicted and tell him to count off ten more cards. Have him name his selected card then turn over the last card dealt to conclude, saying, "Not bad for a sixteen year old, uh?"

Chapter 20

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