Stripout Reverse Switch

This is a switch that looks much like the Vernon Stripout Addition (Vernon Add-on), except it leaves the switched-out cards reversed on the bottom of the deck. Here's a description, then some simple examples to start.

a) Upjog the Aces as you spread through the deck as if you were going to do a Vernon Add-on. Instead, you honestly strip out the Aces and slap the face-up deck on top, but keep a little finger break over the Aces.

b) Immediately do the Stripout Reverse Switch (hereafter SRS): move the deck back and forward, leaving the Aces in a Gambler's Cop position (Fig.1).

Then regrip the deck at the outer end and turn it over end-over-end so that it finishes square on top of the copped cards (Fig.2).

Finally move the deck forward again. That's all there is to it.

c) Now deal the Aces (?) on the table, or whatever. The real Aces are face-up underneath the deck.

Note: as in so many things, Ed Marlo exploited the end-over-end move here forty years ago ("Perfect Position", Ireland's 1961 Yearbook). Marlo's application was in the context of a Multiple Shift in which outjogged cards were shifted to injogged cards, injogged for most of their length. The injogged cards were gripped between left palm and fingers. The outer edge of the deck was then gripped by the right hand, and turned end-over-end on top of the injogged cards. Robin used this technique in an effect called "Aces Do Follow" in Handle with Care (1964). However, the earliest reference we found for the end-forend reversal was in Hugard's More Card Manipulations No.3—"Reversing the Bottom Card—Second Method." Here are a few basic applications to begin.

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