Streetwise Collectors

The Detective Queens find a lost person.


1. Have the deck shuffled, then take it back saying, "Let's use the Queens. I don't know if you know it, but they make a great detective team." Run through the deck and upjog three Queens, while culling or cutting the fourth one to the rear.

Note: If the top card happens to be any court card you can simply upjog its three mates and amend the patter accordingly.

2. Turn the deck face-down and remove the three Queens. Hold them face-up in Biddle grip and pick up the top card (fourth Queen) underneath, but keep a break above it, ready to drop. Pull off the top Queen, then the next Queen—dropping the card—then the last Queen.

You now flip them face-down but, in the process, pull the upper Queen inwards with your right thumb to create a jog (Fig.1). Press down on this jog and lift off the top three cards. Place them face-down on the table, saying, "Now you've only seen three members of the Detective

Team. The 4th does all the leg work. We'll meet her later."

3. Get a break under the top card, then cut it to the middle, and Riffle Force the card under the break, saying, "We need a lost person for them to find. Will you decide who the lost person should be." After displaying it to the spectator, do Robverse, getting a break above the double, then Double Cut it to the top, saying, "Now let's lose him in the deck."

4. Pick up the Queens, turn them face-up, and drop them onto the deck. Riffle the deck as you remark, "Here comes the last Queen. Let's see if she's brought your lost person with her." Spread the deck revealing two face-down cards. Turn over the first face-down card to reveal the fourth Queen. Finally have the "lost person" named, then turn over the other face-down card revealing the selection.

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