Straddle Rv

RV is used to reverse the cards both above and below a face-up card.

a) Start with one black Jack on the bottom and the other second from the top of the deck. Again cut the deck and hold a break. Spread-force to the card below the break and turn it face-up.

b) As you start to turn the face-up card face-down again, push it to the left until it roughly squares with the card under it, then do the normal RV, picking up both cards under the card above them, and turning all three over. Believe it or not, it's as concealed as the normal move. The Jacks are now face-up surrounding the chosen card.

Note: This latter version is similar to Gordon Bruce's "Sibelius-1" (see "The Go-between" by Duffie, Pabular). Bruce outjogs a face-up card then flips over all three as a unit—the outjogged card is seen to turn facedown, while the two cards on either side are concealed as above. Karl Fulves independently developed an almost identical move, which he published in Pallbearer's Review in a routine called "Occult Card."

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