Rv Visitor

Based on "Jennings' Visitor" that appeared in Alton Sharpe's Expert Card Mysteries (Tannen, 1975).


1. Remove the two black Jacks and place them face-up on the table, saying, "These Jacks are overtly magical." Now pretend to remove a invisible card and lay it on the table, saying, "And this is an invisible card, it's covertly magical."

2. Spread the deck face-down and have a card touched—flip it face-up and remembered, then flip it face-down executing Robverse, and keeping a break above it. Now Double Cut to the break.

3. Get a break under the top two face to face cards (or rely on the natural break later). Pick up the Jacks and place them face-up on top and instantly flip over all four cards (you might want to retain a break under the fourth card). Spread, revealing the selection face-up between the face-down Jacks. Do the display from "Visitor," hiding the index of the upper card with your right fingers. You have to be more careful here than with the normal "Visitor" since the card isn't necessarily a picture card. The top card should slant from left to right, so that when the hand is turned up the bottom of the top card is almost entirely hidden by the middle card (Fig.1).

4. Now you need to peek at the extra card. Here's an open way to do it. Bring the three cards back to the left hand where they can be squared above the deck. Now bring the front end of the three cards square with the front end of the deck, and riffle the three cards off the right thumb onto the deck. You can easily see the top card in this process. Let's say that it's the Six of Diamonds. Immediately turn all four cards face-down again and deal off the top two Jacks. The card has vanished.

5. Draw attention to the "invisible card" and ask a spectator to pick it up. As he does so, hold the deck in position for a Charlier Cut. Ask him to throw the invisible card into the deck at this point—the right section is hovering over the left section. Just before he throws it, say, "Wait, you'd better turn the card face-up. Good, the Six of Diamonds will do." As he throws the invisible card, do a Charlier Cut, appearing to snatch the card he's just thrown.

6. Spread the deck face-down revealing the Six of Diamonds face-up in the middle. Slide it out along with the card immediately above it. Turn the face-down card over revealing it to be the selection—congratulate the spectator who threw the card.

1. Remove an Ace to Ten of any one suit in order (it doesn't matter which way they run). Say, "This represents a complete suit family, we'll use only the number cards and no court cards. I'm going to show you what happens when a stranger intrudes."

2. You now give the packet a deal mix; i.e.: deal the packet into two piles—dealing alternately—then place one pile onto the other. You now

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