Rscms Reversal

RSC-MS can also be used to very easily not only control cards, but also reverse them, either in the middle of the deck, or controlled to the bottom.

Let's assume that the four Aces are on the table, after you've finished another trick.

a) Fan the top half of the deck tightly so that it looks like most of the deck has been fanned. Insert the four Aces in the fan and leave them protruding, as you raise the fan to show the Aces spread throughout the deck.

b) Close the spread, with the deck still vertical, and begin a vertical RSC-MS, cutting below the bottom Ace, close to the middle of the deck. When the right hand comes back to replace its cards, flip them over in the process so that this half is now facing you. The right hand then twists out the outer cards, leaving the Aces on top of the left half. The right hand cards are flipped face-down on top as the hands move downwards.

In this procedure, the cards are not only turned end-for-end, but also turned face-down in the process. In effect, this accomplishes a Half-Pass, but with the top half, not the bottom. Timed properly, there is nothing to be seen and the deck is face-down in normal dealing position at the end, except that the four Aces are now together face-up in the middle of the deck!

In order to both reverse the Aces and control them to the bottom of the deck, simply get a break between the face-up Aces and the face-down bottom half when the right hand replaces its half. At the end, finish with a cut to the break as the hands turn downward again. In this case, the Aces can be distributed more widely in the deck, as long as you cut lower than the bottom Ace to befin RSC-MS Reversal.

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