Rscms Casual Cull

You can use RSC-MS as a way to openly cull a small number of cards while seemingly simply mulling over a choice.

Make some remark about thinking of the right card to use, as you're spreading the deck with faces toward yourself. Upjog the four Aces, stare at them as if considering the cards, then do a casual RSC-MS, to control them to the top of the deck, middle of the deck, etc., just as if you were simply cutting the cards to finish.

It's most convincing when one or more cards is actually tossed out, as a prediction, for example, during the process of culling the desired cards. For example, you toss out one card of a Royal Flush, while you're using this cull technique to cull the remaining four cards of the Flush.

You can also do the Casual Cull without the full RSC-MS moves. Let's say that you are going to do a prediction trick in which you lay one Ace on the table as a prediction, while culling the other three Aces in the process. Proceed as above, until you've upjogged the four Aces. Stare at them for a moment, as if you're trying to decide. Then take some portion (or all) of the cards behind the last Ace (nearest the back of the pack) in the left hand, pull out that Ace and lay it face-down on the table. As your left hand is turning palm-down and moving outwards, your right hand turns palm-down and moves inwards, so that the cards are face-down with the remaining three Aces pointing to the left.

The left hand returns and lays its cards face-down, aligned with the Aces, keeping a break between the packet and the Aces. The right hand immediately twists out the other half, as the hands turn face-up. The right hand cards go on the face, then cut to the break. Turn the deck face-down: the remaining three Aces are now on top.

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