Rags To Riches

A story of Princes masquerading as commoners, but revealing their true identity when they became Kings. When it was time to find a Queen, each searched among the common people and found their matching Queen.

Beforehand remove the Kings and Queens and arrange them in the same suit order; C-H-S-D, for example. Place the Queens on top of the deck, then spread the Kings evenly throughout the bottom half of the deck.


1. Give the deck a single Riffle Shuffle, keeping the four Queens on top. Then spread the cards facing yourself, looking for the four Kings. As you come to each King, downjog the card in front of it using the Jog Switch to add the King secretly behind the downjogged card.

Say, "There's an old tradition that Princes have to spend some time living among the normal people in their kingdom in order to be able to later rule wisely. The most famous such story is "The Prince and the Pauper." We're going to tell the tale of four such Princes. These four cards will represent them in disguise."

Lay the packets down on the table from right to left with the remaining cards face-down on the far left.

2. Using both right and left hands, simultaneously turn over any two piles, squaring the jogged cards, then push the top card of each facedown packet forward so they sit outjogged. Repeat with the remaining two piles.

There are now five face-down piles on the table, with four face-down cards—the Kings—above the rightmost four piles. The Queens are on top of the leftmost pile.

3. Turn the face-down cards face-up one-at-a-time to show their transformation into Kings, saying, "Having lived among the common folk long enough to know what life there was like, each was then ready to become a King."

4. "But they never forgot their time away from the court. When it came time to search for a Queen, each once again mingled with the commoners." Pick up the left hand pile, getting a break under the top card. Lay the leftmost King face-up on top, then Double Cut it and the card beneath it to the bottom. Drop the cards onto the next pile, then pick up the combined pile, getting a break under the top card. Lay the next King on top, Double Cut the top two cards to the bottom, then drop the cards onto the next pile. Continue with the remaining two Kings. Lay the combined pack on top of the last remaining pile on the right.

5. Say, "And sure enough, each was successful in finding the right woman to be his Queen." Ribbon-spread the pack on the table. The Kings will be face-up, evenly spread through the deck, as they should be. Remove each King, along with card just below it. Finally show that each King has found his matching Queen.

Chapter 15

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