13. "We'll do it one last time." This prepares the audience for the finale. "Hold out your hand." Here's the only Double Lift in the routine: simply turn the two face-up cards face-down again, deal the top card on the spectator's hand, then place the deck on top. The Double Lift is especially easy as there is a natural break between the two face-up cards and the rest of the face-down deck.

14. "Tap the top card and turn it over."The spectator finds that the AC is back on top for the last time.

Take the whole pack from the spectator and Ribbon Spread it as you remark "And not only that. In the process of rising to the top, it turned all the other cards face-down."

Note: This wonderful final sequence is Roy Walton's "Overworked Card", from The Devil's Playthings, later The Complete Walton, Part 1.

Chapter 17

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