9. Pick up a break under the second card from the face. Use the Braue Reversal to reverse the AC and the extra card on the bottom of the now face-down deck.

Buckle the bottom card to pick up a break. Swing Cut the top half into the left hand. Your right hand comes over the left and adds the bottom card under the break on top of the left packet, as both hands turn over as in the Tenkai Move (Fig.4). It will appear that you have turned one half face-up on top of the other, which is face-down, with both halves stepped.

10. Grip the deck briefly with the right hand, so you can re-adjust in order to get ready for a Faro Shuffle. Butt-shuffle the two packets halfway together. The shuffle doesn't have to be perfect. Just make sure that the face-down card on the bottom of the left packet goes first, and the face-down card on top of the right packet ends up on top.

11. Remark, "Face-up and fai Triumph Display, you can now riffle the outer end (being careful not to show the bottom card,) to show all the cards are face-up (Fig.5). Then turn the deck end-over-end and riffle the outer ends to show all facedown cards. Turn the cards end-for-end one final time, then square the deck.

-down." Using the Goodwin-Jennings

-down." Using the Goodwin-Jennings

Note: The above way of getting into position for the Goodwin-Jennings Triumph Display was developed by John Bannon, who published it in Cardzilla, as well as an alternative face-down method on The Second Deal web site.

12. Double Cut the top face-down card to the back, saying, "Do you think that the Ambitious Card can still come to the top?" Turn the deck over to show the AC is back on top.

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