6. Place the face-up AC in the middle of the pack. Spread the pack to show the AC face-up in the middle. Use Robverse as you seemingly turn it face-down in place, actually turning the card above it face-up beneath it in the process. Keep a break above these cards in the process.

7. Remark, "Let's give the deck a cut," as you appear to cut the deck. Actually hold back the top card in a slip cut action as you cut the top half to the table. Place the remaining cards on top, then pick the deck up again.

Turn the top card face-up, saying, "It's not on top." Turn your left hand over to show the bottom card. "And it's not on the bottom." Turn your hand back over again, then Triple Turn-over at the natural break.

Say, "Watch," as you pull back the top card—as in the Paintbrush Move-to reveal the AC face-up on top. Casually stick the right hand card into the middle of the deck from the rear to get rid of it.

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