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the pack.

4. Secretly Buckle the bottom card and pick up a break. Transfer the break to the right thumb as you take deck in Biddle grip and Swing-Cut the top half into the left hand. Use the left edge of the right hand's cards to turn the AC face-down, actually doing a Drop Switch to add a card on top. Immediately outjog the top card with the right fingers (Fig.2) and leave the right hand cards on top to complete

5. Begin to push the card into the pack, then remark, "Maybe a little deeper." Your left first finger pushes all the cards under the protruding card backwards a little, then your right hand cuts a small packet off the top of this bottom half (Fig.3), and puts them on top.

Continue pushing the card in with the right fingers at the far end, thumb at the near end, until the deck is fully squared. Tap the top card and show that the AC is back on top.

Note: The precursor of this subtlety was in A. Roterberg's New Era Card Tricks (1897), in which two cards were inserted as one into the deck, the bottom card secretly pushed in, then the outjogged card removed to show the change. Then in Hatton and Plate's Magician's Tricks: How They Are Done, this was further adapted to make the chosen card come to the top of the deck. Finally in Genii, vol. 2, no 7, Frederick Braue came up with the full handling, as above. This may, however, have been anticipated by Al Baker. The full move was later popularized in Ambitious Card routines published by Frank Garcia and Harry Lorayne.

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