Phase 3

2. Pick up the red Aces and use them to flip the Seven of Diamonds face-down again, then sandwich it in-between them. Double Cut the top card to the bottom to "lose the cards."

3. Pick up the black Aces and place them face-down on the bottom of the deck, which covers the face-up red Ace. Turn the deck face-up and pull back the upper

Buckle black Ace to display both black Aces. Square all again.

4. Buckle the lowermost card of the face-up pack with your left fingers, then undercut about half the deck—minus the back card—using a Hindu Shuffle action (Fig.1) and drop it on top to complete the cut.

5. Flip the deck face-down and ask if the spectators remember what card was on top. When they say the Seven of Diamonds, say, "Right, it's always on top," as you flip it face-up to show it. Then spread the deck to show the black Aces back between the red Aces one more time, this time facing the opposite way once more, as in Phase 1.

This final phase is a variation on Al Leech's "Ace Sandwich" from his book Card Man Stuff (Ireland, 1953).

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