3. Turn the AC face-down on top, then undercut half the deck and appear to shuffle the remaining half on top of it. Actually you control the AC during the shuffle, as follows:

As the right hand shuffles some cards on top of the left hand cards, the right hand grips a small block of the top left-hand cards between the third finger and base of the thumb (Fig.1). You may want to let the right first finger go behind the right hand cards before it picks up this block. That way there is absolutely no danger of losing the position of the top cards.

Continue to shuffle off until you come to the block of cards you stole, which goes on top as the last part of the shuffle. Tap the top card, then turn-over to show that the AC is back on top.

Note: This false shuffle was originally published as "Shuffle Control" in Robin's Handle with Care (1964). There is an earlier variant of it in Greater Magic (p. 166), where the entire packet in the left hand is picked up behind the right hand cards. If you are uncomfortable with this false shuffle, simply use a jog shuffle to control the top card.

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