Phase 2

1. Cut the deck again, maintaining a break between the halves and Riffle Force the card beneath the break. Give it to the spectator, cutting the deck at that point so you're back in the same position that you started.

2. Explain that you're going to try to locate the other three cards with the same value as the spectator's card. Ask him to turn his card face-up. Now spread through the face-down deck, counting to the 12th card spread (the first number that you've remembered) and turn that card face-up. It's wrong. Say to the spectator that although you've missed that one, there are two more cards in the deck of that kind and you're sure you can remember where they are. Continue, counting to your second number (in this case, 16) and turn that card over—wrong again. Repeat for the last number (9). So now you have three incorrect cards face-up in the facedown deck. Back-spread the deck to the lowermost reversed card (the last one you turned over) and turn it face-down but actually performing Robverse as you do so. Continue to back-spread to the other two facedown cards and repeat this procedure with each of them.

3. Apologise to the spectator for such a poor display of memory but say that memory isn't really your thing anyway—you're much better at Magic. Snap your fingers over the deck, and spread the cards face-down to show the three matching cards face-up in the spread.


Sometimes, though very rarely, you'll come across more than one of the target cards together or within a card of one another. If this happens you have two choices; either take a deep breath, shuffle the cards again and say that you lost concentration and you need to start again, or you can use this ploy suggested by Robin Robertson: Upjog one of the cards saying that you're pretty sure it's the same value as the selection. Remember not to include it in the count. Now continue your spread and count but as you spread further, pluck the upjogged card on top of the left-hand spread with the left hand declaring it not to be correct after all. You've shifted the gathered card; at that point you can terminate the next count.

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