Phase 2

The Pathfinders Form a Team

1. Pick up the face-up Pathfinders in your right hand: C on B on A, then bring to your left hand, which turns palm-up as the Pathfinders go on top, covering the other three face-up cards. Spread the top two cards, being careful not to spread further, as you say "The Pathfinders always find their way. Let's see if they can work together"

Turn all six cards above the natural break face-down, then deal the top card on C's pile (i.e., the pile to your left). Pick up B's pile and place it on top. Deal the next card on top of this combined pile, then place A's pile on top. Deal the third card on top and place the cards remaining on top of all.

Tap the deck, then turn the top three cards over one at a time in front of A, B, and C, saying, "Not bad, they're beginning to form a team."

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