Phase 2

The Black Aces return to the middle of the red Aces once more

1. At the end of the first phase, leave the cards in left hand dealing position. Your right hand then takes them from above in Biddle grip.

2. Your left hand openly takes the top face-down red Ace and transfers it to the bottom, holding a break, which is picked up by your right thumb.

3. Your left hand pulls off the face-up black Ace, which is flipped facedown and goes to the bottom. The break is still maintained by the right thumb.

4. Your right hand does a Double Turn-over of a black Ace on top of the packet, as you say, "Black Aces top and bottom."

5. Casually turn your right hand palm-up to show a black Ace on the bottom, then immediately place the packet into the left hand and Elmsley Count face-down, saying, "Black, red, red, black."

6. Snap the cards, then turn the packet face-up. Spread to show the black Aces back in the middle again.

The Black Aces return to the middle of the red Aces, in the middle of the deck.

1. Separate the reds and blacks and leave them on the table. Pick up the deck and turn the top card face-up. Let's say it is the Seven of Diamonds.

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