The Black Aces return to the middle of the red Aces and turn face-up in the process

1. Ask a spectator to remove the four Aces and place the reds between the blacks. The rest of the deck is placed aside.

2. Take the Aces face-down and flip over the top Ace, saying, "A black Ace on top...," then flip it face-down again. Now spread over the top three and flip over the bottom Ace, saying, "...and a black on the bottom." Flip the Ace face-down onto your hand doing Robverse, immediately placing the upper two Aces on top. Even if the two cards don't square, the top two cards cover everything because they immediately follow on top.

3. Say, "Watch." Do a Vernon Through the Fist Flourish, reversing the packet, then say, "What color are the Aces in the middle?" They will say red. You, say, "Now they're black, but what's more they've turned over so you can see them." Elmsley Count showing two black face-up Aces in the middle.

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