Phase 1

Identifying the Pathfinders

1. Talk about the need for Pathfinders, who lead the way for others. Ask if three spectators will help you with an experiment in pathfinding. Spread the deck into your right hand and ask spectator (A), on your right, to point to a card as you spread. "Somewhere near the top. Thank you, that's our first Pathfinder." Use the Spread Double Lift to turn his card(s) face-up on top. Turn it face-down again and then take the top card outjogged under the squared right hand cards and place them on the table to your right.

Repeat with the other two spectators, forming three piles, each with a card outjogged underneath. Lay the remaining cards face-down to the left of the three piles (Fig. 1 - next page).

2. You're now going to use a method that looks virtually identical to Gene Finnell's Free Cut Principle to supposedly lose the Pathfinders (though the Free Cut Principle is not actually used).

Spectator A cuts off some cards from the pile on the right and places them further to the right. Pick up the outjogged card and place it on the remaining cards of that pile, still outjogged (Fig.2).

Then spectator B cuts off some of his pile and places it on top of A's pile, leaving A's Pathfinder outjogged (Fig.3). Pick up B's Pathfinder and place it on top of his remaining cards.

C cuts off some of his pile and places it on top of B's pile. Again take C's card, and place on top of his remaining cards. Gesture to anyone else on that side and ask them to cut a few cards off of the remainder pile on your left and place that on top of C's card.

3. You're ready now for the finish, but first get set-up for Phase 2.

Pick up the remaining cards on your left and place them face-down in your left hand, then pick up the cards remaining on the far right. Spread them as you pick them up so that you can place your first finger under the top three cards.

Place them on top of the left hand cards, then turn your left hand palm-down, turning all the cards face-up except for the top three cards (Fig.4). Continue to hold the packet this way as you proceed to the climax of Phase 1.

You have perfect cover for this, as you ask A, B, and C to each push their card into the pile. "Pathfinders never get lost."

Ask them each to turn over the top card of their pile. The Pathfinders have found their way back to the top.

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