Phase 1

1. Before you begin, glimpse the top card of the deck. For the purposes of explanation, assume that this card is the Six of Diamonds. Now cut the deck at the middle and complete the cut, maintaining a break above the known card. Invite a spectator to assist and carry out a Riffle Force to the break. The spectator takes the force card and, without looking at it, leaves it face-down on the table, or under an object. Offer the remaining cards to the spectator to shuffle if he so wishes.

2. Now take the deck back and shuffle it yourself, making sure that the spectator doesn't spot the face card. Explain that you will attempt to memorize all the cards in order to eliminate all but one. Peel cards from the left hand into the right (effectively reversing the order of the entire deck as you do so) and note the value of the first card. Now start a count in your head from this card up until the next card of that value. Repeat this twice more but on these occasions begin the count on the card following the previous target card. At the end of spreading through the deck you should have remembered three numbers. For the sake of explanation, assume that the numbers you are thinking of are 12, 16 and 9 in that order.

3. Declare that you've eliminated all but the Six of Diamonds (the card you forced) so that must be the spectator's card. The spectator turns over his card to confirm this.

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