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Max Maven

On page 56 you discuss the history of the Double Deal Turn-Over. An early reference that warrants mention is Irv Weiner's "Double Lift with One Card" from the April 1960 Linking Ring Parade.

On page 73 in "Future Choice" you list George Sands' "One to Eight" from Bill Simon's 1964 Mathematical Magic as the starting point for the forcing procedure. However, the roots go back further; specifically, I would cite Bob Hummer's "Poker Chip Baffle" (a/k/a "Poker Chip Mystery"), marketed circa 1941.

I very much liked "The Paranormalist" on page 95. Your reference for Karl Fulves' "Incorporated Color Control" as being "later" than Paul Curry's 1974 "The Red and The Black" is incorrect. It was indeed included in More Self-Working Card Tricks in 1984, but first saw print in the July 1967 Pallbearers Review.

"Just A Little Off the Top, Please" on page 40 is quite nice in its efficiency. There are relationships between this and Bro. John Hamman's "Amorphous Ace" as well as the unpublished Persi Diaconis packet trick from the early 1970s that inspired Larry Jennings and many others (myself included) to develop sequential packet elevator effects. Your payoff also links to the Hofzinser "Ace Problem," and as such, brings to mind a simple alternative that enables a "bonus" effect:

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