Near Miss

This demonstrates the SRS as a Force of any number of cards.

Cull the four Kings to the face of the deck and then place a Five spot in the middle of them. Alternatively you can use any card whose value spells with five letters (Three, Seven, Eight, or Queen) but we prefer to count rather than spell when given the option.


1. Hold the deck face-down and spread the cards, inviting a spectator to touch any four cards, saying, "Try to use your intuition to get four of a kind. It can be done, but nobody has succeeded as yet."Outjog each card as he touches it. Strip out the four cards adding one card from the face via the Vernon Add-on, then do SRS turning the deck face-up.

2. Push off the face four cards revealing three Kings and a Five spot, saying, "That's amazing. You almost got all four Kings you only missed one. I've never had anyone do this well before." Lay the four cards on the table and place the deck face-up in front of the spectator.

3. You now do the Cut Force (See Vol. 1, Chapter 3). Here it is, briefly:

Ask him to cut off a section, turn it face-down and place it on the table. Pick up the face-up section, place it on top of the face-down section and immediately spread the full deck across the table, showing half face-up and half face-down.

4. Say, "Now let's see if you can make it four of a kind. We'll use the Five spot." Count along to the fifth face-down card and pull it out (Fig.1). Turn it over revealing the fourth King and congratulate the spectator.

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