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Jamie Badman

The spectator selects a card. The spectator then shuffles the deck after which you take the deck back and run through it, explaining as you do that you're memorizing all the cards and the one that is missing will be the selection. You succeed and the card is replaced. Another card is selected. This time, you say, if you really did memorize the entire deck then if the spectator shows you his card, you should be able to locate the remaining three cards of that value by their position in the face-down deck. The spectator shows you the card and you spread through the facedown deck, turning a card face-up. It's wrong. You try again. Wrong. You ask for one last chance and you fail again. You then remark that Memory wasn't really your thing anyway; Magic's much more fun. You spread the face-down deck and the three cards that match the selection are now face-up!

This effect is inspired heavily by Terry Legerould's effect "Pseudometry," which can be found in Apocalypse, Volume One, Page 282. Also, thanks to Robin Robertson and Peter Duffie for a considerable number of refinements that they suggested and I heeded!

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