Last Card Standing Predictor

"Last Card Standing" is the easiest, unprepared handling. It could be beefed up in several ways. First, the cards could be prearranged from Ace on top to King on the bottom. Finally the King is transferred to the top. You can false-shuffle, but it has to be a full-packet false shuffle, where no cards are rearranged. This time the spectator can cut the cards and put them in his pocket without looking at them. You pick up the packet and shuffle to destroy the stack, but make sure that the original top card ends up back on top. The other spectator notes the top card and transfers that number from top to bottom, then turns over the next card. At the end, after the chosen card is revealed as the last card, you ask the other spectator to remove his cards and count them. The number of the chosen card will match the number of cards in the packet.

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