Just A Little Off The Top Please Bonus Effect

Max Maven

See "Just a Little off the Top, Please" (p. 40) for details of the original. For this variation, at the outset, have two cards selected, rather than one. The first selection is brought to the top of the pack; the second is brought to position fourth from the top.

Go through your routine through the conclusion wherein the Four of Hearts changes into the (first) selection. The discard pile consists of the Ace, Deuce and Trey of hearts (with the reversed Four of Hearts changes hidden second from the face). Turn that packet face down, and drop it on top of the talon. Use a Pass (or, for that matter, a casual cut) to centralize that packet as you wonder aloud what happened to the four of hearts.

Spread the pack, disclosing the Four of Hearts changes now face up near the middle. Comment that the location wherein the four has reappeared is other than arbitrary. Count four cards down from that location and turn up that card to reveal the second selection.

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