Jumping Jack Flash

A chosen card jumps from an estimated position in one pile to that same position in another pile.


1. Spread the deck face-down from hand-to-hand and have a spectator touch a card. Use the Spread Double Lift to turn the top two cards faceup as one, as you say, "Did you realize that you've chosen the famous Jumping Card: better known as Jumping Jack Flash?"

Turn the double face-down again in similar fashion and immediately your left thumb openly outjogs the top card (Fig.1). Replace the right hand cards, lined up with the rest of the deck, leaving the chosen card outjogged.

2. Hold the deck sideways to the audience so they can see where the outjogged chosen card is in the deck. Ask them to estimate how far down it is. Let's pretend that they say, "Twenty-six."

Now use the "a little deeper" Ambitious Card technique (described in Chapter 16 in "Ambitious and Overworked) to bring the chosen card back to the top of the deck: Your left first finger pushes all the cards beneath

the outjogged card inwards about an inch. Your right hand then openly cuts off the top half of this injogged section and puts it on top of the deck. Ask them how deep their card is now. They might say, "Thirty-seven."

3. Cut off the top half of the deck and place it on the table. Ask them how deep the card is now, saying, "What do you reckon...Thirteen?" Slowly push the outjogged card in until it's squared with the deck.

"Would you believe Jumping Jack Flash has jumped to the other pile and is now thirteen cards down in that pile?"

Of course they wouldn't. Lay down the half pack you're holding and pick up the other half pack.

4. Slowly reverse count cards into your right hand. When you get to twelve, stop and use the packet to flip the thirteenth card face-up. (Note that this is the only discrepancy in the way of handling things during the trick). It is not the chosen card. Mutter about how perhaps you miscounted as you put the right hand cards on top, leaving the face-up card on top of left cards beforehand. Count from left to right hand without reversing the left-hand cards. When you get to thirteen, it's still the wrong card and still face-up. Use Robverse as you seemingly turn it facedown.

5. "Maybe that was too tough a task for Jumping Jack, to jump from one pile to the other. Let's put the piles together first."

Lay the cards on top of the pile on the table, then pick up both and hand them to a spectator. Show him how to riffle the cards to make a sound. Then ask all the spectators if they believe that the jumping card has now jumped to thirteenth from the top. They won't. Ask the one spectator to deal off thirteen cards, and sure enough, at thirteen, there is the chosen card—face-up—staring him in the face.

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