Jumping Jack Flash Returns

Here Jumping Jack Flash actually jumps from one packet to the other.

Before you start, crimp the bottom card then shuffle twelve cards below it.


1. Now do everything as described above, but try to have a card touched before the mid-point. So you now have a card outjogged somewhere in the top half of the deck.

2. Look at the card and point out that you really want it as near the middle as possible—so do the Ambitious Card technique with only a small packet to centralize the card, bringing the selection to the top. The outjogged card is now at the middle. Say, "OK, your card is now at the middle...twenty-six...twenty-seven cards down? What do you think?" They reply, probably agreeing with you.

3. Undercut the twelve cards below the crimp and place these on top, saying, "If I add a quarter of the deck, that sends your card to ?" Let them answer because it doesn't matter. Now cut off half the deck and place it on the table, saying, "Your card is now bang in the middle of half the deck...about twelve...thirteen cards down? Do you think?" They agree.

Now finish by pushing the card flush and causing it to jump over, saying your final line, "Would you believe the Jumping Jack Flash card has jumped to the other pile and is now thirteen cards down in that pile? Well here he is!"

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