Js Ace Production

The four Aces are produced in an unusual way from a shuffled deck. This uses the same technique as "The Producers."


1. Have a spectator shuffle a deck then take it face-up into dealing grip. Spread through and look for an Ace. Ideally for this trick, the Aces should be spread evenly throughout the deck, in alternating color order. But it's not critical and you'll find ways to adjust when they are placed awkwardly. As in "The Producers", don't let more than a quarter of the deck go by before you hit an Ace. If you have to go further, cut some of the face cards to the back of the deck first.

2. Use the Jog Switch technique to secretly add the Ace: injog the card just before the Ace, then secretly pick up the Ace behind it, then lay this upper section on the table.

3. Spread some more until you come to the next Ace. This time, no Jog Switch. Merely downjog the card after the Ace, and lay it and the cards above it on the table to the left of the first packet. This should look exactly the same as when you secretly added a card with the first packet.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 again with the remaining two Aces. Lay these two packets down to the left of the first two packets, then lay the remaining cards aside face-down.

Position as seen by audience: There are four face-up piles on the table, each with their bottom (?) card pulled backwards toward the magician so that the spectators can easily see their identity.

5. Pick up the pile on your far left as you say, "Here we have a Jack (or whatever it actually is) ..." Flip the pile face-down sideways into the left hand, so the Jack is still downjogged. Then pick up the pile to its right, saying, "...and here we have an Eight" (or whatever it actually is).

Lay this pile face-up on top of the left hand cards so both injogged cards align, as you say, "Now, they may not look like much, but if we push them into the deck, they produce an Ace."

At that, push both injogged cards into the deck causing the trapped Ace to pop out face-up from the front. Spread the face-up cards into the right hand until you come to the Ace. Take it outjogged under the other cards and lay it on the table. Meanwhile, pick up a little finger break under the top card of the left hand's packet. Bring back the right hand cards, flip them face-down on top of the left, and immediately pick up at the break and lay the cards down behind the Ace. Place the left hand's remaining cards on top to finish.

6. Repeat step 5 with the remaining two piles in order to produce another Ace. It's obviously better if these are both the same color, which will happen if the Aces alternated in color in the deck.

7. Now turn over the top cards of the two piles behind the Aces to produce the remaining two Aces.

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